Can You Sleep on Your Side With a Broken Ankle?

A broken ankle is not only painful but also extremely inconvenient. During the healing period, people have to be more careful and make adjustments to everyday activities. People struggle a lot while moving or sleeping with their broken ankle. Their movements become restricted; thus, they feel uncomfortable falling asleep.

Therefore, we will provide can you sleep on your side with a broken ankle in this article. Most broken ankles take a longer time to get full heal. So, you have to make yourself comfortable while sleeping at night. If you are a side sleeper, then this article is for you. Keep reading to know how you can sleep with your broken ankle.

Can You Sleep on Your Side With a Broken Ankle?

After breaking the ankle, you have to get proper rest and comfortable sleeping. As we don’t control our body’s actions while sleeping, people get concerned about further damage. Thus, a common question that often arose in people’s mind is, can you sleep on your side with a broken ankle? Well, you can sleep in any position as long you can endure the pain. But it is recommended that the best way to get a comfortable sleep is to sleep on your back. With some broken bones, you can sleep on your side, of course, with the doctor’s suggestion without any issues.

Can You Sleep on Your Side With a Broken Ankle?

Pain is a sign that whatever position you are holding is not the correct position. You have to go through unbearable pain for the first 48 hours. At this time, you can’t think of sleeping comfortably. But, at least you can avoid awkward positions for not causing any other harm. Remember, the pain will give you a sign that your leg doesn’t like the position you’re holding. It will be a bit challenging for you to sleep comfortably in the first week. But, after getting used to it, this thing won’t bother you much.

How Do You Sleep Comfortably With a Broken Ankle?

The broken ankle will need a longer time to get healed fully. At this time, you have to be more cautious with your movements to avoid further injury. Adequate rest and sleep can help you with faster recovery. So follow these below steps to know how you sleep comfortably with a broken ankle.

How Do You Sleep Comfortably With a Broken Ankle

Elevation of Foot:

You should keep the broken leg above to prevent swelling and blood from pooling. To do this, use a specialized pillow, like the broken leg cushion, body pillow, elevation pillow, etc. These pillows will raise your leg above the heart. Moreover, this thing will keep your leg in a comfortable position.

Sleeping Position:

The most logical sleeping position for people with broken ankles is sleeping on their back. This position protects the legs from swelling and injury. People feel difficult who are not used to this sleeping position. In that case, you can try sleeping on the side. But, be careful and look out for if you feel any pain or not.

Foot Position:

While sleeping on the back, keep your foot above the heart by putting a pillow under the foot. If you prefer sleeping on the side, then keep a few pillows between the legs. Ensure to put enough pillow above the knee and between both the legs to the cast. Place the injured leg at the bottom and the good leg on the top of the injured leg. It will ensure that your spine is aligned by keeping both legs in a parallel way.

Try Sleeping Alone:

At this time, try to sleep alone and encourage your partner, children, and pets to sleep in another room. To prevent occurring some possible harm accidentally stay alone at least for the first few weeks. If you feel uncomfortable in your bed, try relocating to a reclining chair, a sofa, and a chaise lounge.

If you get insufficient sleep at night, cover it by getting naps throughout the day. Take your medication as directed, rest properly, and use an ice bag to alleviate the pain and reduce swelling.

Which Position in Bed Is Best With a Broken Ankle?

People usually don’t have any idea about the negative impact of the broken ankle on their everyday life. For the first 2 weeks or 1 month, the elevator cushion is going to be your new partner. Now, let’s discuss which position in bed is best with a broken ankle.

Which Position in Bed Is Best With a Broken Ankle

You should sleep in the middle to reduce the risk of falling while rolling on the bed. It allows your ankle from further damage. With a broken ankle, you need to put a soft pillow, like an elevation pillow, under the leg. This thing makes your leg elevated and prevents swelling. It will be difficult to do that while sleeping on your side.

Thus, it is suggested that you should sleep on your back during the healing time of the broken ankle. Make sure to wear cotton clothes so that you feel comfortable and cool. Leave a night light on if the room is not familiar with you. It will help you to move around the room at night safely, without crashing into everything.


Always remember, it will take time to heal your broken ankle. So you can’t let your body do whatever you need during the recovery period. Make yourself prepare for some rough and frustrating nights. Push yourself to maintain a regular routine, rest adequately, get enough sleep. Make sure not to stay or sleep in a bed all day long.

We showed can you sleep on your side with a broken ankle and how you can comfortably sleep. Now, find a position that comforts you and stay as long as you can bear the pain. But the best position is sleeping on your back by elevating the broken leg. Ensure to have an elevation pillow to provide perfect support to your leg.

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