Website Author

Hello, this is Dennis Joyner. I am a physician and researcher and you are here on my website “relaxsonia”. I have designed this site especially for a group of people who are suffering from snoring.  Through this site, I want to help them to alleviate this awkward problem. Here on this site, I’m going to show them what they should do or what they should not to alleviate the snoring.

As a physician, I have to deal with a lot of patients, and patients with snoring problems are also a common thing for me. I have found a lot of snoring patients who have taken a lot of medicine but still suffering from this issue. That’s what motivates me to do research and write on this issue. During my research, I have found a lot of gadgets and medical tools to get rid of the snoring problem.

I tried them on my patient and collected their feedback and progress and then if any gadgets passed my trial test, I include them on this website. All those gadgets you’re seen here are tested and verified first then I’ve included them in this site. So that the wider audience can know about these products and gadgets and eliminate the snoring problem.

Best Regards, 

Dennis Joyner.