Dodow Review 2020: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

I hear about Dodow all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I could not sleep well and some night I hardly managed to sleep at night. The doctor prescribed me sleeping tablets that I didn’t like and prefer. Once I found some information about the Dodow sleep aid device while I was scrolling google for sleeping aid treatment.

The device can eliminate my sleeping problem very effectively. Its projection of blue light and a calm environment must fall you in a deep sleep. When I inhale, the light brightens up and after exhaling, the light becomes low down. The peaceful environment helps me to sleep properly. Here, I will share my total experience with you in the Dodow review. Stay connected.

What Is The Dodow?

Looking at blue light while breathing deeply has been shown to help you fall asleep. The device is called Dodow. It is placed on the bedside table and projected onto the ceiling like a kind of laser. I set it to work for 8 or 20 minutes, depending on how long I want to use it before falling asleep.

Dodow Review

After falling asleep and the end of the duration, it automatically shut down. It is too dim to have such a disruptive effect. However, blue light has been found to have a relaxing effect. I can assure you that it is a perfect electronic sleep aid for people who do not sleep well because they do not relax.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device: Is It Really Solve Your Sleep Problem?

The Dodow sleep lamp is the best solution for your sleep disorders. Using it is very simple, to the point where a 6 years old could do it. In addition, it has no negative or harmful effects on health.

Following the electronic sleep aid device technology, you will be able to synchronize your breathing to the rhythm of the light. It will gradually decrease from 11 to 6 breaths per minute (rpm). The slow respiratory rate will slow down the metabolism and allow the body to relax completely. On the other hand, the light from the device that is projected on the ceiling has a hypnotic effect. It will allow the body to relax without inhibiting the production of melatonin. Choose between the three levels of light intensity to get your brain entertained.

What Does Dodow Do?

Dodow device is a novel metronome that will teach you to fall asleep naturally and without taking medication. This small device will project light on the ceiling that will help you control your breathing until you reach a moment of relaxation to fall asleep peacefully.

What Does Dodow Do

Dodow makes its users fall asleep 2.5 times faster than normal. Thanks to the fact that it helps the body relax and breathe slower.

It works by projecting blue light onto the roof of your room that improves relaxation. The idea is to focus on that light and synchronize the breath with its rhythm. It generates a relaxing hypnotic effect to restore the balance of your nervous system.

How Can You Use The Dodow?

The Dodow sleep aid device’s operation is so simple that a new user can place and start the device to have a peaceful sleep. Let’s see how to use the device.

How Can You Use The Dodow

  • First of all, place the device on your nightstand and lie down in a comfortable position. The exercise lasts between 8 and 20 minutes.
  • Then it will turn itself off. If you want the 8-minute exercise, touch the touchpad once and if you want the 20-minute exercise, touch it twice.
  • Once the device is turned on, a light will be shown on the room surface of the roof. All you have to do is synchronize your breathing with this light: inhale when it expands and exhale when it shrinks.
  • Once the duration is over, the Dodow sleep lamp will turn itself off and your body will be in the perfect state to fall asleep and rest.

Dodow Main Key Features

In the section of dodow sleep aid review, i have explained the Dodow’s main features for having a sound sleep. Let’s see below:

Main Features

Compact And Easy To Use:

It is very practical and recommended for traveling thanks to its small size as it helps you fall asleep in your room. You can carry in in a small bag if you want and it will fit enough on a small table.

Ensure Relaxation:

It has revolutionized the market since simply placing it on the bedside table. This device to help you sleep will allow you to fall asleep in a relaxed and fast way.

Reduce Insomnia:

Decreases and guides the respiratory rate thanks to its soft and rhythmic blue light. So, insomnia will be reduced gradually after a few days of use.

Modes And Auto Shut Down:

It has 8 minutes and 20 minutes modes and after that time, the device turns off by itself. The automatic shutdown that saves batteries and facilitates its use.

Helps To Breathe Properly:

The duration of exhalation is longer since this increases the feeling of fatigue, facilitating the goal of sleeping. Also, you can inhale properly as the light goes ups and down.

  • It operates on AAA batteries.
  • It allows your body to fall into a natural sleep.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Blue projection lights ensure a peaceful environment.
  • Small in size so it can be placed anywhere.
  • It quiets our mind with proper breathing.
  • 8 minutes and 20 minutes modes.
  • It is not a solution for severe insomnia
  • Batteries don’t last long.

Where Can I Purchase Dodow?

The online and official store of Dodow sells the device and provides 30 days money-back guarantee all over the world. I recommend you purchase it from here.

Where Can I purchase Dodow

Here, you can get the affordable price with user’s dodow sleep reviews for ensuring reliability. Never go through any third party websites. If they do not deliver your places, you can go through Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I will show some questions about the dodow sleep aid device and answer them:

Is Dodow safe?

The dodow is just a projection light and has no drugs, so it is 100% safe for everyone. It uses lighting technology that is non-invasive, so anyone can use it freely.

Does Dodow help you stay asleep?

The dodow helps us to fall asleep 2.5 times faster than previously. You do not need to take any medicine to use the device, just plug and play to have a sound sleep.

Can You Use the Dodow if You Sleep on Your Stomach or Side?

When you exhale and inhale, the light changes and it is the main function of the device that helps us to fall asleep quickly. To do proper breathing, we have to sleep on the back. However, you can sleep on your stomach or side, but I recommend sleeping on the back.

Final Thought

Now we are at the end of the Dodow review. For me, it has worked excellently. It is basically a distraction technique that helps you change your thoughts through synchronized breathing. It relaxes me and helps me to fall into deep and natural sleep. Today I no longer use it regularly, only occasionally when I have anxiety or stress. It’s worth a try because it will at least help quiet your mind and you will fall asleep quickly.

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