Does a Dehumidifier Help With Snoring?

Snoring becomes a chronic condition that can affect our sleep habits and overall lifestyle. Also, the snoring sound affects sleep in the shared room that causes fatigue, drowsiness, and partner’s anger from lack of sleep.

To solve the snoring problem, the best solution is a dehumidifier. Many people ask me does a dehumidifier help with snoring. A good quality dehumidifier works effectively to reduce different types of snoring. Let’s see how a dehumidifier works.

Does a Dehumidifier Help With Snoring?

A dehumidifier balances the humidity level of the room air. Now, does a dehumidifier help with snoring? It takes a certain proportion of humidity from the room that is more comfortable to breathe and alleviate snoring. Also, it improves the breathing quality by relieving respiratory problems.

Does a Dehumidifier Help With Snoring

If you find yourself snoring and have allergies or a cold, you can get a dehumidifier to reduce your snoring effectively. Even if allergies or respiratory illnesses do not cause your snoring, you may want to try sleeping with a dehumidifier. The balanced dehumidifiers moist prevents other snoring related symptoms, such as sore throat.

What is a Humidifier and How Does It Work?

A humidifier is a useful home appliance that increases the humidity of the environment of a room. Its main function is to improve humidity, so the air that is breathed is much less aggressive for the respiratory system. On the other side, Dehumidifiers keep the humidity level balanced when it increases over 50%.

What is a Humidifier and How Does It Work

When we have been suffering from snoring, allergies, seasonal diseases, it is essential to have a suitable environment. We spend winter with a heater and summer with an air conditioner. So, the room environment quickly becomes dry. The humidifier is easy to operate without a specialist’s help.

Air humidifiers can help purify our home and maintain proper humidity. Let’s see how it works?

  • It is a small container inside that is periodically filled with water.
  • After that, it spread the liquid into the air in several ways to maintain adequate humidity in the air.
  • The humidifier tank filled with water and a fan started to blow.
  • The blow transforms the water into the air. It is the basic function of a humidifier.
  • The vaporizing humidifier boils the water inside the tank and releases the steam into the room’s air.

It is essential to remove pollutants and clean the humidifier. Otherwise, bacteria may appear due to stagnant water in the bowl. To fill the humidifier, it is more advisable to use distilled or concentrated water.

The Best Way to Use a Humidifier to Control Snoring

You should start a humidifier a few hours ago before going to sleep. To control snoring, you have to follow some steps. Let’s discover them:

The Best Way to Use a Humidifier to Control Snoring

  • Start the humidifier before one and a half-hour of going to bed so that the room becomes humid enough.
  • It is convenient to place it several meters away from the bed. I recommend keeping 2 meters distance from the bed. Some decide to place the device bedside table, but it is not advisable.
  • It is not recommended to leave the humidifier running for a long time. It must be programmed at 30% to 50% humidity. Be aware that if there is too much humidity in the room, fungus and mold can grow.
  • You should clean and empty it regularly after use. Otherwise, bacteria may appear due to stagnant water in the bowl.
  • Use purified water in the humidifier instead of the normal water. Normal water contains minerals that can turn into white powder when evaporated in the humidifier. It may cause respiratory problems.
  • Choose the perfect humidifier according to the room size. All humidifiers cannot cover large rooms and some make the room over humid. Both are serious for snoring patients.


Many of us have the confusion: Does a dehumidifier help with snoring? Remember that maintaining proper humidity levels is more important in a room to reduce snoring. A dehumidifier works to balance the humidity of the room environment.

Very dry and wet air is cause for several respiratory diseases, including snoring problems. The recommended indoor humidity is between 30-50% if the levels are low. In this case, we need a humidifier. If the humidity level goes more than 50%, then we need a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can effectively reduce snoring by keeping the room environment balanced.

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