Dreamstation Optistart vs EZ Start |  Which Is The Best?

Dreamstation CPAP as a Continuous Positive airway pressure device is made for those who are suffering OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). Sleep apnea is a disease that prevents air from entering into the lungs and the device makes the airway always open by Providing continuous pressurized air. Though the device has made for the one reason to cure OSA and snoring it has a different advanced option that partially helps you to recover from these problems. However, one of two important options of dream station devices is Optistart and EZ start.

Here we’ll discuss two options of Dreamstation Optistart vs EZ start. Also, we’ll share our thoughts on which will be better and what’s the benefits of these two modes. By reading this whole article you can make decisions on what option will suit you well. So let’s start-

What Is Dreamstation Optistart?

 The Optistart is one of the modes on Dreamstation CPAP devices that work on from recorded data of patients and does the safe pressure according to software into it. The Optistart mode works on relying on a patient’s records, Which means it will detect your suitable pressure for reducing apnea and what pressure will be needed to treat the disease in an initial way. It will detect the bad breathing time on its data chart and then after waking up from sleep, you will understand which moment you need more pressure and when you need less. The data will further help you to maintain the pressure for next time with snore-free and sound sleep.

The main key point of the Optistart mode is lying in the detection of the previous data and imparts that data for breathing issues and on CPAP devices. By doing this method on a Dreamstation device the patient will get the continuous prescribed airflow and get comfort from its starting of the device. It won’t take up the pressure for a severe time. Both good and bad breathing data will tell you what average pressure needs to maintain sound sleep. By the way, this Optistart mode can start therapy on your prescribed pressure level. So you will get rid of sleep apnea problems for instance.

What is dreamstation optistart

What Is A Dreamstation EZ Start?

When you’re using the CPAP device for the first time. You may need time to adjust the pressure as your prescription. But for the first time, if you take prescribed air pressure directly onto your airway, these could cause little problems or unfit for some cases. So you just need to take in air at an optimum level and then gradually increase. This is the way the EZ starts to follow. The EZ Start on Dreamstation device helps to increase the pressure gradually and acclimate the air pressure automatically. After then when it goes up beyond the optimum level pressure than the device automatically adjusted and controls the modes while it starts or not.

The EZ start mode helps to stay low pressure until you fall asleep. Whether using the mode you will not face any hesitation although the prescribed pressure is high. The mode can be helpful for those patients who are not conscious of their pressure setting and struggle to do it severely. By the way, in that case, the Dreamstation EZ start will highly help you to maintain the pressure and secure you from further irregular pressure. The Dreamstation EZ start algorithms are mainly working for the patient who is not supposed to accept initial pressure as high volume. So for those, the EZ start modes are a helpful way to gradually increase the pressure level and sustain on that level.

Benefits Of Dreamstation Optistart

Here some benefits of Dreamstation Optistart are listed for you to learn. You will understand what benefits actually this one is giving.

  • Give you optimum pressure as prescribed within less time.
  • It Monitors the average pressure which you need.
  • GIve you instant comfort and a snore-free night
  • Provide accurate pressure from its previous recorded data.
  • Advanced event detection.
  • A smart option to control.

Benefits Of EZ Start

Want to know more about EZ Start? Check the benefits of this device and understand how this actually benefited you.

  • A personal adjustment system provides you with the best air pressure that you need.
  • Gradually acclimate pressure improves your level of therapy.
  • Beginners will get many advantages from this mode.
  • Less vibration with simple automatic function.
  • Effective for beginners.
  • Automatic settle down

Cons of Dreamstation Optistart

The Dreamstation Optistart has lots of benefits. You will find some negative sides too. Here are some cons about this device.

  • Not effective for beginners.
  • Instant pressure can be difficult for a newbie.
  • Maybe you will feel unwell for the first time in this mode.

Cons of EZ Start

Besides the positive side, the EZ Start has some negative sides too. Check the cons before start using it.

  • Can’t give you instant comfort.
  • It takes a long time to adjust to the prescribed pressure.

Who Is The Winner? Optistart or EZ Start ?

The simple fact is to select the mode which is better for you depending on what your doctor prescribed or recommended. You can’t manage or get a suitable result without a proper prescription. So you have to understand the suitable pressure and what model will suit your nature. You may think the Dreamstation optistart will impact you very well you but if it doesn’t you can’t give any reason why it is not working. So you have to follow the doctor’s advice and instruction to get rid of the problem and have a safe and sound night.

We Have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of those modes of CPAP devices. If you’re a beginner with the device then you may go with the EZ start mode. Because it gradually increases the pressure to the optimum level. You can set ramp time to go on that pressure level. So if you’re new then you will get enough time to use it with the device. Other Way if you’re in hurry to have the air pressure or used to with the device then you can choose the Optistart mode.

Optistart or EZ Start

Final Opinion

We have come to the endpoint. Now it’s time to accept the mode that you really need. You can go with optistart mode or EZ start mode both or your doctor may suggest the best options for you. However, your main goal is to have a deep sleep without facing any snoring or breathlessness problems.

If you question the dreamstation optistart vs EZ start which is best, we’ll say both can be best on different aspects and personalized cases. However, as initial, you can choose the EZ mode. So it’s your turn to choose the best one.

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