How Do Adjustable Beds Help Snoring

A common disorder that millions of Americans suffer from is called snoring. Snoring can be the symptoms of your underlying health condition. Countless home remedies can prevent snoring. Among all the remedies, the simple one is an adjustable bad that many people overlook. Today, we will discuss how do adjustable beds help snoring.

Adjustable beds provide less nasal pressure; thus, without vibrating the tissues, oxygen can flow. It provides an exact position with the adjustable controller, which helps to prevent snoring. This thing can be a life-changer for the snorer. So, let’s discover what a snore is, its causes, and how a bad can stop snoring.

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What Is Snoring?

Snoring is a nuisance that causes noisy breathing every night or while sleeping. It occurs when the airflow blocks and the throat muscle relax too much. When the air tries to pass through the restricted passageway, the tissues start vibrating and cause snoring. Regular snoring is related to breathing issues.

What Is Snoring

According to Johns Hopkins, about 45% of healthy adults snore occasionally, and 25% snore regularly. Men are more likely to experience snoring than women, and snoring tends to increase as we age. Snore causes sleeping disruption, which leads to several health issues.

It can cause sleep apnea, which can develop heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and many more diseases. Sleep apnea leads a person to have a sleepless night. Therefore, that person can’t concentrate on work, feels dizzy, restless, and has mood swings. This snoring can do all possible things to ruin your day.

Causes of Snoring

Understanding the main cause of snoring is very hard. Here, we will share the most common pinpoints that cause snoring.


Some people think that it may be genetic. But, Is Snoring Genetic? Well, multiple studies show that people who come from a family of all snorers can be a snorer. It increases the chance of being a snorer more than 3 times.

Sleeping Position

People who sleep on the backside, their throat muscles tend to relax more and become narrower. These things cause snoring more louder and frequent.

Sleeping Position


Excessive weight puts extra pressure on the muscles of the neck while sleeping. This is the main reason behind snoring. Also, the throat muscle’s fatty tissue makes the air passageway narrow and prevents easy moving of airflows.

Nasal Problems

Chronic nasal congestion, sinus, or a crooked partition between nostrils causes harsh triggers. In this way, the congestion prevents you from naturally breathing and causing snoring.

Consumption of Alcohol

Physicians often recommend that you should avoid alcohol or any other sedative medication at night. Also, try to avoid drinking something that contains caffeine. These two things relax the muscles and lead to snoring.


Generally, with the growing age, people’s throat becomes narrower, and they experience snoring. Also, as we get older, the throat and muscles become weaker, increasing the frequency of snoring.

How Do Adjustable Beds Help Snoring

For treating snoring with non-medical devices, nothing can work like the adjustable bed. Here, we will share how do adjustable beds help snoring and diagnose sleep apnea.

Relieves Throat Pressure

The adjustable bed is designed with a rising part that keeps the head elevated. This position eases the throat muscle pressure and opens up the blockage airways. Also, it makes the tongue and jaw forward, which helps to reduce snoring.

Relieves Throat Pressure

Improve Sleeping

This type of bed comes with the ability to shift and recline according to fit with your sleeping position. This is one of the best things about adjustable beds. With the improved sleeping position, it prevents acid reflux from going to the throat and hampers airflows.

Zero-Gravity Position

Adjustable beds provide zero gravity position. The body weight is distributed equally and provides better support in this position. The head and leg become elevated above the stomach, which is beneficial for reducing blood pressure. It transforms the sleeping quality and limits snoring.

Relieves sinus

People with sinusitis can’t breathe properly at night due to their blocked nasal passages. Adjustable beds help to alleviate the sinusitis symptoms, thus relieve sinus related snoring.

Compatible With Anti-Snoring Devices

Devices like CPAP and other treatments work conveniently with adjustable beds. The beneficial thing is that the bedsteads are designed with slides so you can reach anywhere with whatever position you are in.

Improves Blood Circulation

This bed can maintain blood pressure and take the pressure off from the heart. It alleviates the body’s pressure points while sleeping, which helps promote blood circulation and better airflow.

Can Adjustable Beds Help You Sleep Better?

Can Adjustable Beds Help

Many factors can help to prevent snoring, and one of them is adjustable beds. This bed is modifiable to the sleeping posture or position and the best remedy to stop snoring. You may wonder whether adjustable beds help you sleep better or not.

The answer is, yes, it can. This bed will correct your sleeping position and distribute the entire body weight evenly. Also, it keeps the airways open so you can breathe comfortably. In this way, adjustable beds become the ideal bed for preventing snoring and sleep peacefully.


Adjustable beds are not that luxurious or gorgeous looking. But they come up with some essential features that can provide huge health benefits along with preventing snoring. The raising part of the bed makes the head elevated just a few inches. Thus, it opens up the airways and reduces the throat muscle pressure.

With this simple move, you can get rid of the blockage airways and mitigate or stop snoring. This bed will help you to get a whole-body massage, relieves back pain, aches, and provides a restful sleep. This article shows how do adjustable beds help snoring. Now get the best adjustable bed for you and have a snore-free sleep.

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