How to Prevent Snoring on a Plane- Secret Tips!

A common fear that many people have while flying is falling asleep and snoring. It is the most embarrassing thing for that person who snores and the victims also. But, how to prevent snoring on a plane? Learn the easy remedies and secret tips from this article.

Fortunately, you can stop or at least mitigate snoring by following some remedies before and during the flight. Ingesting allergy medicines, taking CPAP therapy, using an anti-snoring device, avoiding alcohol, etc., can minimize the chance of snoring. Natural remedies and making some positive lifestyle changes benefit most for improving snoring issues.

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Causes of Snoring

Causes of Snoring

During sleep, airways block because air can’t flow through the nose and throat. This thing makes vibration on the tissues, which produces a loud snoring sound. Snoring can happen due to several reasons and causes daytime fatigue, increased health problems, and irritability.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the different reasons behind this bad habit. Some common causes behind snoring are age, overweight, sinus, consuming alcohol, smoking, poor muscle tone, bulky throat tissue, sleeping posture, medications, etc.

Is Snoring Bad for Your Health?

Is Snoring Bad for Your Health

Actually, snoring is a sign of having a bad health condition. It can cause some serious health risks. SnoreStop Review comes up with the best ever solution to prevent snoring.

Now, let’s see how bad snoring is. It can cause heart disease, stroke, irritability, mood swings, drop blood oxygen level, daytime sleepiness, etc. The worst thing snoring does is frequent waking up from sleep that interferes with usual sleeping patterns.

How to Prevent Snoring on a Plane?

After knowing what things cause snoring now, it’s time to know how to prevent snoring on a plane.

Snoring on a Plane

1. Anti Snoring Device

You can use a device that looks like a watch called SnoreStop. It looks stylish and doesn’t look like typical anti-snoring gadgets. At first, this device uses biosensors to detect snoring, and with repositioning facilities, it sends electric impulses.

SnoreStop works for 8 hours and neutralizes the snoring by sending low-intensity electrical impulses. It effectively improves sleeping quality by reducing snoring issues. This device doesn’t have any side-effects.

2. Allergy Treatment

If you have allergy issues, make sure to take allergy medicines or treatments before the flight. You can use a neti pot, saline spray, nasal steroid sprays that reduce nasal congestion. In this way, you can have a more quiet sleeping time by improving snoring.

Prevent Snoring on a Plane

3. Oral Appliances

Dentists fitted them with teeth that shift the tongue and lower jaw forward. As a result, these oral appliances help to relieve loud snoring in the plane.

4. CPAP Therapy

CPAP means continuous positive airway pressure, which is a machine that can keep the airways open. You will find some small-sized CPAP machines to use on a long flight. It is best for eliminating sleep apnea and treats severe sleep apnea.

5. Avoid Alcohol

The most common culprit for causing snoring is the intake of alcohol. Alcohol relaxes our throat muscles, and this is one of the main reasons for snoring. So, cut off consuming alcohol before and during flight.

Avoid Alcoho

6. Position

Look out for the sitting position because an inaccurate position can block the airways. If you sit in an upright position letting the head falling behind will fall back on the tongue. So, ensure sit up or on your side while taking a long-distance flight.

Some other remedies can help to prevent snoring not only for flight but also for lifelong. These are-

7. Losing Weight

Extra weight highly influences snoring issues because the neck weight puts direct compress to the upper airways. Excessive fat collapses the airways and pushes up the diaphragm. Studies show that if you reduce 10-15% bodyweight, it can minimize sleep apnea.

8. Keep the Surrounding Clean

Dust, allergens, contaminants, and pollen live everywhere in the house and pollute the indoor air. It can cause blocking nose, allergy and ultimately leads to snoring. So, vacuum the room corners, use hot water for cleaning the bed sheets, clothes, and curtains.

8. Exercise Snoring Muscles

Due to muscle weakness, the airways become slack. So, it is necessary to do some mouth, tongue, and throat muscle exercise. Do the following for 20 minutes a day and see the positive result.

  • Slide your tongue tip back to the hard palate.
  • Press the tongue against the mouth roof and suck it.
  • Keep contact between the lower incisors and tip by forcing the tongue back against the mouth floor.

9. Practice Sleep Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene can ensure a night of sound sleep and prevent snoring. Always maintain 7-8 hours of sleep. While going to bed, make the room dark and cool.

You can read books, listen to soft songs, and do some gentle activity. To stay hydrated, don’t forget to drink enough water. These things help to keep the airways open and reduce snoring.

10. Kick the Bad habits Out

Bad habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol, and caffeine influence snoring. Smoke produces mucus and makes the throat and nose tissues aggravate. Alcohol slacks and relaxes your airways while sleeping.

On the other hand, caffeine increases the energy level and disturbs the pattern of your sleeping. So to get a snore-free sleep, you should kick those habits out of your life.


Snoring is a common condition that can happen with any aged man and woman. Thus many people fear falling asleep during long or exhausting flights. But,  there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. See the whole article to learn how to prevent snoring on a plane.

These tips will help you to stop snoring in planes and other times also. Changing lifestyle can be hard for the first few days, but you will get habituated with them as time passes. These positive changes can help you for preventing snoring and sleeping with confidence while in flight.

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