How to Sleep After Keratin Treatment – 4 Simple Ways!

Keratin treatments are for making the hair look smooth, frizz-free, and shiny. After getting the keratin treatment done, you have to protect the hairs from creases for the first 3-days. Therefore, many people prefer to sleep in an upright position. On the other side, some people try not to sleep at all.

You don’t need to do all these things and ruin your beauty sleep at night. By taking some extra care, you can easily maintain the shine and sleekness. We will show you how to sleep after keratin treatment in this article. So that without causing any hair damage, your keratin treatment will last longer.

What Does a Keratin Treatment Do?

Before you know how to sleep after keratin treatment, let’s have a look at what actually a keratin treatment does. Well, keratin is one type of protein that our body naturally produces. Some people’s hair follicle produces less protein; thus, their hair looks frizzy and also doesn’t appear straight and shiny. Therefore, they need to add keratin to their hair.

What Does a Keratin Treatment Do

A keratin treatment is generally known as a beauty or cosmetic product. The process includes adding keratin onto the hair shaft along with adding heat. It   makes the keratin reach where the protein is missing. After that, the hair will look straight, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. This treatment naturally straightens the curly or wavy hairs and makes them look healthier.

How to Sleep After Keratin Treatment

You can maintain the keratin result for up to 4-5 months with proper care and maintenance. Follow the below tips for how to sleep after keratin treatment.

How to Sleep After Keratin Treatment

Change the Pillow Cover:

Usually, we like to use a cotton fabricated pillow cover. But, after doing keratin treatment, you should avoid friction between hair and pillow cover. Cotton pillow covers can cause frictions. Therefore, you should use a satin or silk pillowcase. It will assure gentle rest of the hair.

Keep the Hair Straight:

Many of us make a ponytail, sleeping braids, or bun while going to sleep at night. After doing keratin treatment, you should strictly avoid those styles, at least for the first few days. Keratin requires a bit of time for binding to the hair.

Keep the Hair Straight

So, if you make a bun and leave it for 8 hours, it will cause crinkles to your hair.   Before going to bed use the comb from the root to the hair ends. It will help to distribute the natural scalp oils to the entire hair.

Sleep on Your Back:

If you sleep on your back by putting two more pillows on your side may prevent you from rolling. Also, it will allow minimal movements of the hair. Side-sleepers can keep the hairs over the shoulder. Make sure you are not sleeping on that shoulder. Try to avoid sleep on your stomach as it can put unwanted creases on the hair.

Use Hair Mask:

Hair masks will make your hair moisturized, fresh, and healthy. Choose sulfate-free natural masks that can be used overnight. So that it can work better while you are sleeping. Applying hair masks will increase the lifespan of the keratin treatment result.

Whenever you feel that the hair gets frizzy or kinks, brush the hair as soon as possible. Also, for quick fixing, you can use a blow dryer or straightener. Use them on a low setting, and be careful about overriding them.

What Can You Not Do After a Keratin Treatment?

There are certain things that you should consider after a keratin treatment. Strictly follow the below points to make the keratin treatment worthy.

What Can You Not Do After a Keratin Treatment?

Don’t Use a Comb or Brush:

For the first three days, touch or comb your hair as little as possible. It can cause hair kinks, creases, and dents. These things will damage the keratin results. Leave your hair alone for the very first 3 days. After passing the 3-days you can brush your hair.

Don’t Use Shampoo:

Don’t wash the hair at least 3 days after getting the keratin treatment done. After that, you can wash the hair 2 or 3 times a week. Remember, the keratin will start removing every time you wash the hair. So, to maximize the effect of keratin treatment, you should avoid using shampoo frequently. You can use dry shampoo if the hair gets oily or dirty before it’s time to wash. Also, you can use chlorine-free or sulfate-free shampoo to avoid ruining the keratin treatment.

Do Not Style Your Hair:

Stop making any hairstyles and using accessories like headbands or clips that hold the hairs together for at least 2 weeks. It will leave lines and dents on the hair. You should keep the hair straight or down as much as you can. Make sure not to hold the hairs back with the sunglasses. Avoid tucking the hairs behind your ears.

Don’t Use Heavy Oils:

You may want to apply oils as the keratin treatment leaves the hair feeling dry. But, never use any oil for 3 days. You can use coconut oil or almond oil after day 3 to nourish the hair. Use your hands while rubbing the oils into the scalps.

Avoid Swimming:

You can’t wet your hair for the first few days because it can ruin the treatment result. For 4-days, stay out of the water; after that, use a shower cap while you are in the hot tub or pool. If you don’t have a shower or swim cap, wash the hair after 4-5 minutes getting out of the water.

Follow the guidance of your hairstylist or treatment technicians to maintain the hair. With proper maintenance, the result will last for many months for sure.

Final Thoughts

Keratin treatment is very popular because it can make your hair shiny, smooth, silky, and frizz-free. To maintain this look for a longer time, you have to ensure proper maintenance. It is very easy to take care of the hair during the day, but what about while sleeping?

You can get this answer of how to sleep after keratin treatment from this useful guide. We provide plenty of tips so that you can take good care of the hair. So, follow this guide and make your keratin treatment results stay for more months.

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