How to Sleep After Meniscus Surgery

Meniscus stabilizes the joint between the bone surfaces on the knees. When it breaks, the meniscus can slip out of place and block the knee. To alleviate the problem, you have to go under meniscus surgery. After the surgery, sleeping becomes uneasy because you cannot move on the bed. A better quality of sleeping must be needed for quick recovery from the surgery. Here, I will present the ultimate solution on how to sleep after meniscus surgery.

A meniscus operation requires a recovery time that varies depending on the intervention that has been performed. After the meniscal suture, you should take a rest for 3 weeks. Then, you can lead a regular lifestyle.

How to Sleep After Meniscus Surgery?

Sleeping at night with a meniscus surgery becomes a bit complicated. I have presented different postures to sleep better after the surgery. Let’s discover how to sleep after meniscus surgery.

The basic style of sleeping:

Right after the meniscus surgery, it becomes difficult to move. In fact, any friction or movement is very painful. So the first few days you have to sleep on your back. It could be uneasy for the first time. So, you can bend the other leg (option A).

The basic style of sleeping

There is a second style (option B), which I have found helped me a little more. The cushion will make it stress-free for you to turn your body a little and “bend” a little. You do not change the position, but it allows you to vary it a bit and keep your affected knee well supported and comfortable. Sleep in this position for 4-5 days.

Sleep on side:

When the intense pain finally leaves you, you can start trying a new posture. The variety of postures will increase with a decrease in pain! Leave the surgery fully stretched. Lay on the side and rest much more comfortably.

Sleep on side

Now, start to put yourself in this position from the 5th day. In this position, the leg has already rotated and is leaning on the side. Therefore the pain has diminished to be able to do it.

Side slope with cushion:

In this case, it simulates the previous position. But you should turn to the other side and use a cushion under the operated leg. This posture will help you sleep with comfort. The cushion keeps your legs elevated and improves the tightness of the points.

Side slope with cushion

I do not advise you that the operated leg is the one below. You will put too much pressure on it with the other leg on top. Always try to keep the meniscus surgery leg the one on top.

Almost upside down:

The rotation is much higher and you become face down. With this posture, you will feel less pain. It is uncommon but easy postures for better sleep with the surgery. After a week of practicing, you will be able to start putting yourself in this position.

Almost upside down

These tips on sleeping positions can help you find your best way to rest after meniscus surgery.

How Long After Meniscus Surgery Can I Workout?

After the meniscus surgery, it requires a minimum of 2 weeks to recover. You can start exercising if you feel good. Take physical therapy when you are in the rest. It will make you ready for a full workout. If you do not notice any development in 2 weeks after meniscus surgery, you have to wait 3 weeks to 2 months. The rehabilitation will be longer if the meniscus is surgically repaired. In this case, you will have to walk with a knee brace aid that prevents bending for 20 days.

How Long After Meniscus Surgery Can I Workout

Generally, the patient can walk again without help within a few days. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation remain of the utmost importance to obtain the best possible result from the procedure. The patient can usually walk one or two days after surgery and return to normal activities after a few weeks. For intense sports activities, you have to wait a minimum 6 months.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I will answer some frequently asked questions about meniscus surgery.

Is meniscus surgery painful?

The meniscus surgery is not very painful, but you feel a little bit of pain. To make this surgery, the doctor drills a hole in the bone for ligament construction.

Can you bend your knee after meniscus surgery?

After meniscus surgery, you should keep the leg straight. An immobilizer is added with the knee to keep it at 90 degrees, so no weight will not affect it.

How long after meniscus surgery can I drive?

If you feel fine, you can drive after 2-3 weeks of the surgery. But, I recommend that you take a rest for at least 6 weeks and consult with a doctor about driving.

What is the best exercise after meniscus surgery?

The best exercise after meniscus surgery is keeping the leg straight at a 90-degree angle. It helps to recover the affected area quickly.


Sleeping is essential to recovery after meniscus surgery, but it is very difficult to sleep in a single posture. Normally, we cannot sleep in a single posture. If you move after the meniscus surgery, you can feel pain in the affected area. So, I have shown how to sleep after meniscus surgery with perfect postures. By following the positions, you can stay safe and have a sound sleep for quick recovery.

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