How to Sleep After Septoplasty

Septoplasty surgery is done for opening the nasal blockage. After the surgery, you will be transferred to a room for rest. But sleeping in this condition is not easy. Any wrong movements can cause severe damage. Here, I will show how to sleep after septoplasty. The proper sleeping posture is necessary because a (bandage) may be placed on the nose. To avoid bleeding and quick healing, follow the sleeping methods.

To fall asleep after Septoplasty, bring pleasant images to your mind, meditate and breathe deeply for a few minutes. If you wish, you can take a small warm bath. Your bedroom should be away from all noise as much as possible.

How to Sleep After Septoplasty?

It is important to have a sound sleep after septoplasty. Below, I will share how to sleep after septoplasty:

Use pillows while sleeping:

Pillows provide comfort during improvement from septoplasty. Put pillows under head, neck, belly and legs to maintain straight alignment. The positioning ensures protection while moving on the bed. Never use very soft and very hard pillows because they are not comfortable.

Use pillows while sleeping

Sleep in the inclined position:

To get this position, the recliner chair is the best option. It is good for rest after septoplasty. With the chair, you will have the correct posture on the upper body, so you feel comfortable. If you are a side sleeper, the chair is perfect and easy for you. It fixed the posture so you cannot change the direction. A proper sleeping angle is essential for quick recovery from septoplasty.

Sleep in the inclined position

Sleep on flexible bed:

If you need more comfort, you can sleep on a flexible bed. The bed allows you to elevate the body at any angle while lying on the back. It is suitable for watching TV, reading books, sleeping, etc. Its price is a little bit high. If you can afford it, it will be the best option for septoplasty recovery.

Sleep on flexible bed

Relax your mind:

You should have a sound mind for having a sound sleep after the surgery. For this, you can take essential oil in the bath. It helps to calm your mind and develop breathing performance. Don’t take it in the nose. Also, you should sleep alone in the room to avoid disturbance.

relax your mind

Use ice on the affected area:

If you notice swelling on the face or affected area, consult with your doctor to use ice. Ice can reduce the swelling and pains within a few minutes. Some need 10 to 15 minutes of ice therapy to get rid of swelling and pain. Use clean clothing while using ice. Never place the ice directly on the face and nose.

Use ice on the affected area

How to Clean Nose after Septoplasty?

During the recovery from a septoplasty, it is essential to follow the surgeon’s prescriptions. The best way to clean the affected area is using the nasal flushes. Next, we explain the correct way to wash your nose after a septoplasty operation. Take note.

Step 1: Prepare the solution

In a clean glass, mix half a teaspoon of salt without iodine with 8 tablespoons of warm water. Add a pinch of baking soda. Stir well until the salt and bicarbonate are diluted in the warm water. It is important not to use iodine salt, as iodine can irritate the nasal area.

Step 1 Prepare the solution

Step 2: Keep perfect position

To do nasal washes, it is necessary to lean over the sink with your head down.

Step 3: Apply the saline solution

To perform the nasal cleaning, you will need a rubber bulb or a nasal irrigator. Fill the knob or irrigator with the saline flushes. Insert the tip of the knob into one of the nostrils and squeeze the knob to empty the contents into the nose. Let the saline water take effect for a minute and blow gently.

Step 3 Apply the saline solution

Repeat the same process for another nose hole.

Frequently Asked Question

Below, I have presented the answers to frequently asked questions about the septoplasty.

How long should you sleep elevated after septoplasty?

You should sleep elevated at least 2 weeks after the septoplasty surgery. It promotes the healing process quickly.

How long until I can breathe after septoplasty?

After septoplasty, our nose becomes tendered, so the doctor uses medicated spray for breathing. You can breathe with the affected nose but do not sneeze for up to 10 days.

Does septoplasty improve sleep?

Septoplasty is very useful in eliminating sleeping disorders like sleep apnea. It helps to breathe normally and have a better quality of sleep.

What can you not do after septoplasty?

Never take a bath and water for the next 24 to 36 hours after the septoplasty surgery. Stay alone in a room to avoid the virus, cold and other infections. Don’t stay in a dirty and blocked room.

Final Thought

After septoplasty surgery, you have to rest for 3 weeks or 2 months to recover completely. During that time, you have to sleep well. Sleeping helps to heal the affected area. You cannot sleep in any posture.

So, I have explained how to sleep after septoplasty. Take care of your health, keep hydrated with liquids, walk in the room, avoid stress and take good foods with proper sleeping. Follow the instructions and get well soon.

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