How to Sleep With Braids?

Sleeping with braids is not harmful to the scalp if we use a braid type that is not tight and follows the natural fall of the hair. In the case of wanting to put a ponytail at the end to fix the braid, it should be loose and not excessively tight to avoid breakage of the hair fibers. Here, I will discuss how to sleep with braids. Your pillowcases should be made of silk, so you will avoid mistreating your hair and tangling it too much.

The braiding can take up to several hours according to the type of style. To sleep with braids, the silk or satin scarf provides a better support. Also, I will share several ideas to sleep with braids. Never use cotton or rough fabrics to protect your hair.

How To Sleep With Braids?

Sleeping with braids is not easy and comfortable. You have to keep an eye on some basic steps to sleep better with braids. Let’s see how to sleep with braids:

Use Different Wrapping Styles For Braids

You can use different scarf styles to wrap the braids. Triangle and rectangle style scarf wrapping is easy and comfortable. Let’s see the instructions for short and long braids.

For medium to long hair:

  • Divide hair into 2 parts, keep one part side of the head and pin with a hair clip or ponytail holder.
  • Cross each part from the opposite side. Cover them from the front side and pin with a two-sided hair clip.
  • Use a silk scarf in the hair to join them.
  • Put an extra bonnet on the scarf.

For medium to long hair

For short hair:

  • Wrap your hair with the end base of your hairline.
  • Place the scarf over the hair wrap in the triangle or rectangle shape.
  • Do not add pins into the hair because it may break the hair scalp.

For short hair

Use special fabrics on braids

The good quality fabrics protect your hair scalp at night. Look for a silky scarf or bandana wrap, which is perfect for braids. The cotton and strong fabrics damage the hair scalp, so get the perfect one for your safety.

Use special fabrics on braids

Sleep on the satin pillow cover

Use a satin or silk pillow cover while you are sleeping. When the braids get the friction on it, the hair will not become fizzy. So, you will look fresh after removing the braids.

Sleep on the satin pillow cover

Apply hair oil

In the market, you can find several oils, creams, sprays, etc. for sleeping peacefully with braids. Only use Blot nourishing oil, hair cleanser and anti-itch oil on braids before going to sleep. Do not add any items over 2-3 drops.

Apply hair oil

Tie hair perfectly

Don’t tie hair tightly and loosely. Make it perfect because tight ties cause scalp damage for over friction and loose ties damages the Hairbond. Tie the braids perfectly according to your comfort.

Tie hair perfectly

Is It Bad To Sleep With Braids?

Braids are good and bad for hair. It depends on the type of hair, wrapping style, hair thickness, used oils, etc. If you use it daily without maintaining the proper way, it may cause permanent hair damage. But the braids help to grow the hairs faster in a structured way. So, you will have a beautiful hair look. If you tied up the braids perfectly, the blood circulation on the hair scalp would be running, so hair would not break.

Is It Bad To Sleep With Braids

The recommended thing is that if you used to sleep with braids that should not be so tight. With this, you can avoid mistreating the hair and have a better rest the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I presented the answer to some frequently asked questions about braids.

Do braids help curl pattern?

Braiding heats and wets the hair to break the hydrogen bond in the hair. So, it changes the curl pattern temporarily. After removing it, it will come back into its real form.

How long should I leave my braids in?

I can leave my hair braids in up to 8 weeks by following proper instructions. After 8 weeks, leave the hair open for at least 7 to 10 days to breathe.

Is it OK to braid wet hair?

You can braid wet hair. I suggest you dry and brush the hair before braiding wet hair. The braids work perfectly with damp hair.

Should I oil my scalp before braids?

I should oil my scalp before braids because it keeps the hair wet and does not break the hair even after long time braids. Also, oils soothe the hair skin.

Final Thought

When it comes to caring for our hair, a fairly general question arises: How to sleep with braids? This could have consequences on our hair of all kinds and that is why it may be important to take it into account. Many people choose to sleep with braids. It is not bad if you tied up the braids perfectly.

If you wear braids tight, it prevents the hair breathing and blood circulation. In that case, you will face severe hair damage. Also, the braids help to grow hairs faster with beautiful style. If you want to sleep with braids, I suggest you tie up the braids properly.

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