How to Sleep With Intercostal Muscle Strain?

Intercostal muscles are liable for respiration, twisting, and other motions. So, it’s frustrating to deal with the pain if they’re damaged. However, intercostal muscles come with three layers that lie between your ribs and help you breathe and stabilize the upper body. So, if any of the layers are torn, it causes pain and creates difficulties in breathing.

Besides, if you’ve worked too hard or just got rid of bronchitis and coughing, it’s a common scenario to deal with rib muscle pain. It’s also a reason for breathing difficulty. Apart from this, if you feel excruciating having other complications, it could be an intercostal muscle strain. So, how to sleep with intercostal muscle strain? This guide will let you know the actual positions to get comfortable while sleeping.

What is Intercostal Muscle Strain?

However, intercostal muscles are found between the ribs, and if they are stretched, torn, or pulled, then intercostal muscles strain occurs. One of the most common reasons is that repetitive activities under extensive pressure can cause this strain.

What is Intercostal Muscle Strain

Besides, if you extremely twist your upper body, do heavy stretching, and overhead reaching might be the reasons for intercostal muscle strain. There’s a common symptom that is breathing difficulties in this strain, but you should consult with a doctor to know the exact reason.

How to Sleep With Intercostal Muscle Strain?

Proper sleeping is very important as any strain gets the maximum level of healing during this time. So, it’s mandatory to know how to sleep with intercostal muscle strain. Our experts have disclosed some tips to follow them while suffering from intercostal pain.

Nullify the affected area

If you neutralize the injured areas, it’ll get enough time to get healed. So you should keep your torso in a comfortable position for proper rest. Besides, you may use a brace to confirm the neutral position.

Nullify the affected area

Elevating Injury

If you suffer from intercostal strain, you should maintain proper rest and the icing on the affected areas, not more than 20 minutes, compression, and elevation. If you do it accordingly, your ribs will get external support while you’re in bed. And it ensures a decent venous circulation through your body.

Elevating Injury

Adjust your position

Honestly, you won’t find any sleeping position that will cure the muscle strain. But you can indeed follow some ways how you can rest your affected areas to accelerate the recovery session. So, while you are on the bed, you should lie properly, and it’s not expected to give extra strain due to your body’s weight.

Adjust your position

Frequently Asked Question

Did you do extensive stretching or some other repetitive movements? If yes, then you might’ve caught intercostal muscle strain. We’ve disclosed the ways of sleeping during this strain. However, you can revamp your knowledge to read the rest of the queries.

How long does intercostal muscle pain last?

Experts declare that normal strain heals within a few days, but extensive intercostal muscle strain may take 3-7 weeks to get healed. Even a severe tear of muscles take more time to come back to normal position.

Can a chiropractor help with intercostal muscle strain?

However, chiropractic treatment is very effective in healing the intercostal muscle strain. Professionals advise taking this treatment with a gentle hand to get relief from this strain.

Is massage good for intercostal muscle strain?

If you own self-massage tools like foam rollers, it can be a great way to increase intercostal muscles’ mobility. And accordingly, it’ll get the healing power due to this mobilization.

What exercise can I do with intercostal muscle strain?

If you’re suffering from intercostal muscles, then it’s normal to experience breathing complications. So, breathing exercises can be good ways to fill the lungs with air that will alleviate the strain of intercostal muscles.

Final Thought

So, you’re aware of the process of how to sleep with intercostal muscle strain. And obviously, the sleeping tricks could provide a better night to take rest. But unfortunately, if the stain is stubborn, it’ll take a long time to heal, and doctors may use lidocaine and corticosteroids injection to stop swelling and pain.

However, intercostal muscle strain can be avoided if you do a warm-up before exercise or starting soccer. And make sure that you aren’t doing similar activities extensively that may lead to intercostal muscle strain.

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