How to Sleep With Post Nasal Drip?

Postnasal drip involves a constant drip of saliva from the sinus back. It aggravates the nasal airway and causes coughing with other sinus related symptoms. Also, the stuffy nose increases the symptoms worse than in the past. So, it is very tough to sleep in this situation. If you cannot sleep a night, your body will be weak. In this article, I will share how to sleep with post nasal drip.

Post nasal drip is quite uncomfortable for all the accompanying symptoms and their consequences. Having a bad night is one of the problems it brings. To sleep better with a post nasal drip, keep reading and discover the solution.

How to Sleep With Post Nasal Drip?

I have shared my experienced methods to sleep with post nasal drip. Let’s see below to find out how to sleep with post nasal drip:

Sleep on inclined position:

A good trick to sleep better with post nasal drip is not to sleep in a side position. It is advisable to incline the head a little with two cushions or pillows. The greater height will allow the nose to drain better and the nasal passages to clear.

Sleep on inclined position

Use humidifier:

If you have a humidifier, leave it running in the room overnight. The environment will be more humid, which will favor the correct breathing.

Use humidifier

Place a pillow below your stomach:

We usually use a pillow under the head while sleeping. To sleep on a post nasal drip, place the pillow under your stomach. In this way, the neck becomes flat and stops the nasal drip by ensuring easier breathing.

place a pillow below your stomach

Take hot/warm drinks:

Accompany it with something warm liquid, like a cup of milk before going to bed. So, the body warms up and you will have a better sleep. The hot tea with lemon, ginger and honey works better for post nasal drip.

Take hot warm drinks

Take essential oil solution:

Another good home remedy is to boil some water and add some eucalyptus leaves or a few drops of its essential oil. Mist with your head covered with a towel, preferably before going to bed. So, the ducts are opened and you can breathe better for the next few hours.

Take essential oil solution

How to Prevent Post Nasal Drip While Sleeping?

The humidifier keeps the bedroom clean and ventilated. It avoids sudden temperature changes that can reduce the post nasal drip discharges. So, you can sleep well.

  • Drink plenty of water, natural juices, infusions or broths. Avoid alcohol intake, give up smoking and avoid dairy consumption (that creates mucus) to prevent a nasal blockage.
  • Also, warm water is very effective for the post nasal drip. You can take hot tea with honey and lemon. It will relax your nose while sleeping.
  • The nasal cleansing with seawater prevents complications of post nasal drip. It nourishes the nasal mucosa and helps to eliminate scabs. Also, it allows better ventilation that leads to greater well-being and restful sleep.
  • Sleeping in the correct posture can reduce the post nasal drip during sleeping. Always try to sleep on your back or put a pillow under the stomach so that your neck becomes flat. In this posture, the mucus cannot come back to the throat and you can sleep well.
  • If the accumulation of mucus gets worse at night, you can find relief. So, you can sleep better by lifting the head slightly above the body during rest. Using a pair of pillows under the head and shoulders can help facilitate mucus drainage. Also, it reduces the feeling of mucus in the throat and airways.

Frequently Asked Question

Let’s discover the answers to some frequently asked questions about post nasal drip.

Can post nasal drip be cured?

Post nasal drip is the side effect of taking medications of birth control, hypertension, etc. If you stop taking the medicines, it will be cured after a few days.

Does post nasal drip get worse at night?

The post nasal drip becomes severe at night. When we are going to sleep, the mucus comes to the throat and blocks the nasal passage. It causes irritation and sore throat with a cough.

Can you suffocate from post nasal drip?

It blocks the nasal airway that causes coughing. If you are feeling like choking and have a cough, you have a post nasal drip. It is disgusting and irritating for everyone.

Can post nasal drip last for months?

The problem can last 7 to 10 days. If the post nasal drip is severe with cough and other symptoms, it may last more than a month.

Final Verdict

The post-nasal drip is a common experience and causes problems during sleeping. The problem occurs when the nasal mucosa becomes overactive and produces excess mucus to fight off allergens and irritants. It can cause congestion in the nasal airway and difficulty in sleeping.

Here, I have explained how to sleep with post nasal drip. The problem is easy to eliminate by following the methods that I showed above. Follow the instructions and have a sound sleep at night with post nasal drip.

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