How to Stop a Shih Tzu Snoring – 18 Tips

Snort & Snore, it’s a major particle of Shih Tzu dogs that can be adorable and cherubic until it irritates you. But when your Shih Tzu snore at night, and you can’t sleep due to its extremity, what will you do then? Assuredly, you’ll move to Google and search How to Stop a Shih Tzu Snoring, won’t you? Track down the below text to get relevant results to your search.

Though snoring is a common attribute of Shih Tzu, it can be resolved or minimized. In that case, you have to grab some steps that are tried and tested. We have accumulated some of the methods in this article, and we believe that executing the methods, it is expedient to stop snoring or reduce. So, without any further fuss, let’s get begun.

How to Stop a Shih Tzu Snoring

How to Stop a Shih Tzu Snoring

Before moving to the broad discussion, it is substantial to know more about Shih Tzu’s snoring problem.  If you consider that snoring is terrible now, then wait until it gets older. Slowly but surely will increase the level of snoring over time. If you can’t stop snoring without applying some effective steps, then a surgical solution must be taken.

It is factual that snoring is a common issue among the Shih Tzu, but extremity can bring hazardous to Tzu’s health.  If you notice that the snoring level has constantly been increasing, find the reasons and then resolve it. Several reasons exist behind the intense level of snoring.

Allergic issues, infections on the mouth or nasal, overweight are the principal reasons. To avoid these types of problems, you must take your dog to the vet and check whether everything is  up to scratch or not.  However, under the below heading, we have pointed up a number of effective treatments to stop snoring.

18 Shih Tzu Snoring Treatments

Eighteenth snoring remedies have been included below. Optimistically, if anyone executes the treatments as we mentioned, will be able to reduce or stop snoring. So, let’s check these out.

1. Provide Them a Pillow While Sleeping

Provide Them a Pillow While Sleeping

During Shih sleep, Tzu’s airways can be congested due to the position they lie at. If airways become restricted, snoring will surely increase. Subsequently, to prevent snoring, raise their head and give them a pillow.

2. Give them Bed with Float Up Side

Give them Bed with Float Up Side

If you wish to give your Shih Tzu an extra level of luxury and stop snoring, then bring a bed with raised upsides. According to some possessors of Shihi has confirmed that providing a raised-up side bed to your dog while sleeping can reduce snoring.

3. Give Rounder or Circular Bed

Give Rounder or Circular Bed

Giving a rounder or Circular to your Shih Tzu can be another treatment that can resolve or minimize the snoring problem. When a dog lies on a circular bed, it can breathe smoothly rather than lying on the floor. At a reasonable cost, you can purchase these types of mattresses.

4. Ensure Fresh Air & Circulating in Their Room

According to research, a Shih that sleeps in hot weather snores more than a Shih that sleeps in a fresh and circulating room. Hot and dust air congest the nasal of your dog and create a snoring problem at night.

5. Don’t Take Them to a Second-Hand Smoke

It is researched that dogs can be contrived by the smoke that is generated from cigarettes. The hazy environment is contemplated as one of the leading objects behind Shih Tzu’s snoring. Smoke enhances coldness and obstructs the air artery(way), and leads to heart disease in some cases.

6. Use Humidifier to Increase Air Moisture

Sometimes too dry air impacts your Shih Tzu’s throat and nose, and that can lead to snoring. To avoid the situation and to keep your dog snore-free, then use a Humidifier. This device adds moisture to the air and helps your dog to breathe naturally.

7. Allergy Check

Shih Tzu’s snoring  can be related to allergy problems, and we have mentioned the fact earlier. If you notice that your dog’s snoring level has increased unexpectedly, then take it to the vet and check whether it has an allergy or not. If it holds an allergy problem, then provide proper treatment.

8. Keep Bed Linen Clean

It is substantial to keep the bed of Shih Tzu clean. That doesn’t mean you have to wash the bed daily; try to cleanse with a detergent minimum twice a week.

9. Check Weight of Your Shih Tzu

Check Weight of Your Shih Tzu

Overweight, the foremost reason behind Tzu’s snoring. That’s why it’s necessary to check the weight of your Shih. If it becomes overweight, then follow a diet chart and feed according to that.

10. Keep Them Active

Some owners of Shih Tzu have claimed

d that the dog which is active snore less than inactive one. To keep your dog active, keep them frequently exercised. A couple of short walks or a few minutes of activity in a day is decent to keep your dog operative.

11. Check the Side Effects of Medications

Taking medicine on a daily basis can be the root cause of snoring. Dog medicines such as pain killers, sedatives, antihistamines hold elements that slow down throat muscles and create snoring at night.

12. Check Restricted Airways

If it has been noticed that your Shih Tzu started snoring suddenly, then check their nasal or throat airways whether it is blocked or not. Gripping pieces of grass or dust can stop up airways.

13. Check Sign-Of Infections on Their Mouth or Nose

Sometimes allergies, tumors, colds, and other infections can block the airways; thus, snoring increases. That’s why if you notice snoring has increased unexpectedly, then check if there are any signs of infection on its nose or mouth.

14. Test Their Teeth Inflammations

Dental problems are also responsible for increasing the snoring of your Shih Tzu. To ensure whether they hold dental hurdles or not, check teeth inflammations and confer proper treatments.

15. Check Other Possibilities

We have listed up some of the leading points above that are mainly responsible. Below are the other possibilities that you must check if you notice your dog begin snoring suddenly.

  • Allergic Termination
  • Obstructed Passage
  • Flu or Cold
  • Fungal Infections
  • Obesity

16. Don’t Execute Snore Medicines That are for Human

Stay away from executing medicines that were predominantly innovated for human beings. It can be hazardous for your Shih Tzu’s health, and the American Veterinary Medical Association has confirmed it.

17. Alter the Position they Sleep In

It is one of the shortest and convenient that you can execute to alleviate your dog’s snoring problems. A Shih Tzu that sleeps in the backside snores less than that lies on the stomach.

18. Surgical Solutions

This is the final remedy that you can execute if you are failed after applying all the procedures mentioned earlier. If you notice that your dog snore extremely that can even lead to death, then grab surgical solutions.

Final Verdict

Though snoring is a usual phenomenon among the Shih Tzu, it can be resolved with the help of some treatments.  Providing cleanse beds, checking overweight, maintaining diet charts, and surgical treatment can resolve or reduce the snoring problem with ease. Misconception about snoring that can’t be solved is entirely wrong.

In the above, we have illustrated How to Stop a Shih Tzu Snoring. Eighteen ways have been introduced that certainly aid you in stopping snoring of your Shih Tzu. Just track down the remedies that we discussed, and let’s see whether they will be solved or not. However, to get regularly updated information about Shih Tzu, keep an eye on our website.

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