How to Stop Snoring by Yoga?

Is your partner complaining about snoring all day? If yes, then obviously you are trying to quit snoring. You might have followed many tricks that are surfing around the internet, but those did not work for you.

Did you try Yoga to solve snoring? Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise that people are using to solve physical problems. So, how to stop snoring by yoga? Well, try the methods mentioned in the article and experience the result yourself.

Can Yoga Help Snoring

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. People practice yoga to solve the physical problems that seem to have created problems for them. In the case of snoring, it creates problems in people’s life.

Can Yoga Help Snoring

For example, snoring will not let you sleep. It does not matter how deep your sleep was. Moreover, it can wake you up for 400-600 times a night, and you wouldn’t even know about it. Though people are not aware of the wakening so many times at night, it takes its toll by making you less active throughout the day.

Awakening hundreds of times throughout the night may cause sudden sleep attacks in the daytime. When people are less expecting sleep, they can fall asleep and do not control it. It might cause road accidents or other types of injuries as well.

That is why people practice yoga. In the USA, yoga is increasing as they have an alarming case of sleep snoring.  People are less offended by any other disease than snoring.

So, Yoga is now being practiced widely to ensure good fitness, and doctors also prescribe this exercise for a good night’s sleep.

How To Stop Snoring By Yoga

So, how to stop snoring by yoga? Well, snoring occurs due to interruption in the way of airflow inside our bodies. A healthy person needs to inhale 500 ml of fresh air in one breath.

How To Stop Snoring By Yoga

If the lungs do not get enough air, then it cannot function properly as every cell in our body needs the oxygen that comes from breathing. So, having undisturbed breathing is very important. Snoring occurs when the airflow is disturbed.

Muscles of the throat and muscles don’t only help and direct the airflow, but it also works as a defense mechanism if the airflow is not continuous. If the muscle itself disrupts the free flow of air, then it becomes really difficult for a person to breathe.

Yoga helps these muscles to work properly. Some muscles get thicker, thus blocking the airflow itself. Yoga helps to get these muscles back in shape.

Some muscles get relaxed due to many factors. For example, alcohol does not only make our body relax, but it also makes the mouth muscles relaxed. Thus, they don’t help us during breathing. Yoga helps to reawaken these muscles so that it can do its job.

4 Best Yoga Exercises to Stop Snoring

People have found thousands of types of yoga. Some of the best yoga exercises that you must start practicing today onwards are given below:

Exercise 1:

This yoga practice is known as Cobra Pose, which is the most popular among Yoga people. However, it doesn’t consume plenty of time to get the job done, and the snorer loves to practice this pose to get rid of snoring.

4 Best Yoga Exercises to Stop Snoring 01

In this exercise, a person has to lie down on his chest. Next, he has to raise his head upwards as much as possible. In the meantime, he will put both his hands on the ground near his chest and try to pass all the bodyweight through only his palm and feet fingers. The goal is to bend the body and the neck as much as possible. And hold this position for a while.

However, you can free the airways from doing this exercise. It will help the airflow the oxygen that needs to travel out or in the body.

Exercise 2:

This exercise can also be called the Bow Pose. This exercise is a great exercise for people who want to get rid of snoring. In this exercise, a person has to lie down on his chest. After that, he has to raise his hand and feet as much as possible and hold the legs with bare hands. Keep the body in that position while the stomach supports all the load of the body.4 Best Yoga Exercises to Stop Snoring 02

This pose is also helpful to free the airways. A person who is suffering from snoring should really try this exercise.

Exercise 3:

This exercise is known as Om Chanting. This is an exercise where the participant has to recite 3 different alphabets from the English language. Those exercises are A to start, U in the middle, and M to end. Here the first two alphabets ensure to open his mouth as much as possible. Then, later one has to be recited while the mouth is shut.

4 Best Yoga Exercises to Stop Snoring 0

These exercises should be recited 11 times a day. This exercise helps the mouth muscles to be up and ready to do its job.

Exercise 4:

This exercise is known as Roaring Tiger; in some places known as Roaring Lion. An individual has to open and stretch the mouth as much as possible and silently stay in that position.

4 Best Yoga Exercises to Stop Snoring 04

The relaxed muscles that were not acting to ensure breathing will awake by this exercise. Exercising Roaring Tiger ten times a day will surely reduce your snoring habit and give you more control over it.

Final Thought

Have you got an idea of How to stop snoring by yoga? That’s cool, but many people think that yoga is an ancient myth that is being practiced by south Asian people only. Little do they know; the practice of yoga is increasing in Europe day by day.

You might have expensive gym equipment that you use to build your body, but what exercises do you practice to increase your throat and mouth muscles? That’s exactly why you need yoga. Some of your muscles that you didn’t even know existed by yoga will be re-awaken and improve your body’s immune system.

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