How to Tell if You Snore & How to Stop Snoring 2021

Snoring isn’t a curse as you think where most of the people snore while sleeping. Statistics show that about 40 percent of adult men snore. However, snoring can irritate you while you’re in bed after a long tiring day. Isn’t it? But how to tell if you snore? Usually, if your partner finds you snoring, he/she will wait till morning to let you know about snoring.

But you may feel shy after thinking about that scenario. Am I right? But don’t be, and you should know the ways or procedures if you snore or not. However, snoring can be detrimental to your health, and you must be aware of this problem to get rid of this disease. So, there’re a few factors that you should know to get rid of it.

How to Tell if You Snore?

How to tell if you snore? Well, there’re plenty of options to extract information about snoring. However, we’ve documented 5 ways to know if your snore not.

How to Tell if You Snore

Ask your bed partner:

It’s mandatory to know the situation of snoring and how severe it is. You can’t resolve this issue without taking help from your partner. There might be someone to let you know about the severity.

Your partner might tell you if it is consistent or intermittent. And if you find choking or gasping sounds, then they’re red signals. So, the patterns of snoring could help you to share with your physician. And your partner will play a prime role in keeping you updated about snoring.

Observe the symptoms:

So, you’ve slept well tonight, but still, you feel tired. Did you think snoring might be the culprit? You’ve caught the right one to blame. Besides, you may find dry throat or mouth, crankiness in the daytime, and even you may wake up due to choking or gasping. So, don’t hide any of the symptoms, and you should work according to the prescription.

Own a sleep diary:

As snoring is a hazardous thing to health, you should keep a sleep log to track your sleeping information like how you sleep, when you fell asleep, what’s condition after waking up, any daytime symptoms like lack of concentration or sleepiness? If you are aware of these symptoms, you can identify any inconsistency in your sleep.

Record your sleeping and snoring:

It’s another good idea to record your activity while sleeping. You can keep a recording device to do it, and it’ll help you to get the proper information that can be shared with your physician. It would be ideal for listening out the gasping sounds that are known as obstructive sleep apnea.

However, you shouldn’t spend extra bucks to purchase a recording device to store. But having a smartphone or a tablet could help you. You can simply use plenty of apps that are available on the web to record your sleep activity.

Consult with a specialist:

Now, you’re sure about snoring, and it’s the best way to consult with a sleep specialist. Feel free to share your symptoms and don’t hide anything so that the treatment can be determined properly. Thus your physician will properly prescribe to know the severity of snoring and might tell you to take a sleep study.

So, cutting-edge treatment can properly eliminate obstructive sleep apnea permanently. And you’ll have a sound sleep after the curse of snoring. Don’t you want it? Oh, silly, of course, you’ll love the condition.

How to Stop Snoring?

So, you’re bothered by snoring, and your partner is avoiding you to sleep with you at night. And this is quite frustrating, and you’re desperate to get rid of this problem.

Change sleeping position:

If you’re sleeping on your back, it might cause you to snore. But if you sleep on your side, your tongue and palate will not be collapsed, which may result in snoring. So, try this sleeping position instead of sleeping on the back.

Change sleeping position

Lose weight:

Statistics show that the people who are suffering from obesity are likely to snore in their sleep. Fat tissues are found in the neck and chest that restrict ease of breathing that will cause snoring. So, strength, muscle, or a slim body can help you to stop the snoring problem.

Lose weight

Avoid addiction:

Many physicians state that smoking and alcohol relax your muscles that may lead to snore. If you totally can’t spare smoking or alcohol, then limit it over a period of time and especially before bedtime. However, it will surprise us if you don’t see any difference after this prescription.

Cold weather:

If you’re suffering from sinus or nasal problems, chances are high to snore.  You can use anti snoring device or snore spray to avoid blocked airways.

Cold weather

Change the pillows:

Does it look like a tiny factor to avoid snoring? Really it’s not, and if you find allergens in your bedroom, it might disturb your sleeping condition. If you change the pillows, your bedroom seems to be dust-free, and important to avoid allergens.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, snoring is nothing but a result of some factors. If you solve these problems, you might get rid of snoring and share your bed with your partner. Let’s hear some new information for your betterment.

Is snoring a sign of deep sleep?

According to seep experts, snoring isn’t considered a sign of deep sleep.  It might seem like deep sleep, but experts have revealed its meaning, and we’ve already discussed the problems above.

Do skinny people snore?

Yes, the skinny people snore, and the ratio is tiny compared to overweight people. Those who have sleep apnea are more prone to snore while sleeping.

Do you snore more when you are tired?

Oh, what should I say? Snoring might be worse if you’re tired. If you’re tired, your muscles are more relaxed while sleeping, and it tends to snore more.

Can you snore with your mouth closed?

You can snore with your mouth closed if you have a problem with your tongue.


How to tell if you snore? Hopefully, you’ve got a clear idea of it, and you’re ready to take immediate steps to avoid it. It’s quite frustrating if our beloved partner avoids sharing the bed with us. It’s not a big deal if you consult with an expert and do whatever he prescribes.

Remember that you’re not alone, and it’s a concerning issue if you don’t give it a priority. A proper and necessary step might help you figure out snoring. And your partner will be the prime suspect to help you in this regard.

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