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Without proper sleep, our body cannot work properly. So, we face many health problems for lack of sleeping. To get rid of this, Inspire Sleep is the perfect device. In this content, I will discuss the inspiring sleep pros and cons. It is an FDA approved device that helps to alleviate obstructive sleep apnea. It eliminates the main causes of sleeping disorder with a single tap.

It is very important to overcome apnea to stay a healthy lifestyle. Take the necessary steps immediately. Otherwise, it will be severe day by day. Inspire sleep is very useful to breathe and have a sound sleep at night.

What is Inspire Sleep?

Inspire Sleep is a small device that improves sleeping quality by eliminating sleep apnea. The problem is very irritating. When you suffer from sleep apnea, snoring and gasping occur while you sleep and can’t tell yourself. The smart gadget provides a sound sleep by opening the airway to breathe normally.

What is Inspire Sleep

The breathiness leads to a peaceful sleep. The Inspire Sleep pros and cons help you to make the right decision. With a single press, the device started working. It allows you to sleep without a machine, hose, mask, etc.

Pros of Inspire Sleep

Inspire sleep provides a wide range of benefits to ensure better sleeping quality. The pros are here:

Easy to use:

It is so very simple to use that there is no need for an expert’s help. While you are walking, moving, eating, etc., it will not make any obstacles. It is small so easily fits with everyone’s body. You do not need extra space, mask, hose, etc. like a CPAP machine. Freely move anywhere from dusk to dawn with it.

Easy to use

No side effects:

While using the device, it does not develop any side effects on the body. After implanting the device, you should go to the doctor every month to check it is working. Also, the doctor will check the side effects properly if they have. If there are no side effects and bad issues found, you can use the device freely. Check up once per year with a nearby specialist.

No side effects

Long battery life:

The manufacturer claimed that the 9-volt battery lasts up to 10 years. The remote controller indicates the battery life and the signal becomes slow. In case of replacing the battery, please consult with the specialist and do it efficiently.

Long battery life

Approved by FDA:

After doing several clinical trials, the FDA approved the device. So, it is 100% safe for treating sleep apnea. It works inside our body without creating any side effects and issues.

Approved by FDA

Instant activation:

The device is easy to activate before sleeping via a remote controller. When you are lying down in bed, it opens the airway to breathe normally and have a sound sleep.  It can be used during travel, excursion and anywhere. Also, a mentally and physically disabled person can easily operate the device.

Instant activation

Cons of Inspire Sleep

Like all devices, it has some disadvantages, but they are not major problems. Let’s see them:


It creates a little bit of discomfort while implanted under the skin. Also, it is placed in the neck and chest, which need a medical process to implant it. But you never feel pain on the entry points.

Battery replacement is not easy:

To replace the battery, you have to consult with a doctor. Here, you will need local anesthesia when the battery runs out. It is an invasive method.

You cannot enter the Radiology room:

The device is not compatible with radio-imaging devices such as MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan, etc. You cannot go for imaging with the device. Consult with a doctor to remove it and then go for an imaging procedure.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I have answered the confusing and frequently asked questions about the inspired sleep.

Does inspire sleep really work?

In a clinical trial, 78% of patients get recovered from sleep apnea. From the study, we can confirm that it really works to eliminate sleep apnea.

Is inspire sleep therapy safe?

It is completely safe but a little bit invasive to use. it does not create any health problems. Some patients have faced side effects due to the fault in implantation. Implant the device with a doctor and consult him before using it.

Is inspire sleep covered by insurance?

Medicare provides insurance on the Inspire Sleep device. You have to qualify for their requirements to get insurance facilities.

Final Thought

To get rid of obstructive sleep apnea, Inspire Sleep is an effective solution. Here, I have presented the Inspire Sleep pros and cons in detail so that you can make the right decision.

It is FDA approved and safe for everyone. For security purposes, you can consult with your nearby doctor before using it. For having a better quality of sleeping, it is the perfect option that works without any drugs.

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