Is Snoring Genetic? Here’s What Research Says About It 2021

Is snoring genetic? Before deciding whether Snoring is genetic or not, we must have some idea about genes and heredity. To put that simple gene is the base of heredity that comes from the parent’s gene. Do we know that height, color of eyes, the color of hair run in the family but is the habit of snoring inherited as well? The fact is life never gives you all the exact answers to your every question, and no exception here as well.

You can’t blame just the gene or DNA for causing the snoring problems. There is obviously a genetic connection, but this is not the only fact that works behind that.

Is Snoring Genetic?

The answer to this question is snoring genetics is not that easy to get. Snoring is a problem that comes from certain facial structural features and airways. It is true and proved by multiple studies that coming from a family of snorers increases the chance of being a snorer by 3 times more.

Is Snoring Genetic

And researchers have also proved that there is no such gene that particularly works for snoring. Some research claimed that an increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea could be transferred through genes.

So many Physical characteristics are inherited from your parents, like skin tone, height, eye color, hair color, and many more. The same can also make you snore, but this is not 100% accurate all the time. You may see many people who have no snore problem, but this problem exists in their family.

The factors that work right behind, causing you to snore, are like having small nostrils, retrognathia, and micrognathia, and so on. Having narrow airways can also cause your snoring problem. Some researchers even claim that a large tongue and large soft palate also may cause you to snore.

Obesity is one of the key risk factors that cause snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. To put that simply, the heavier you are, the more chance you will be a snorer. But it’s not a valid reason to snore about being overweight. It is more likely that the factor of weight can be inherited. If you are fat from family and you are family have a snoring problem, you have a huge chance of being snorer.

How Do You Get Someone to Stop Snoring?

As it has not proved yet that gene is the only factor that causes snore. So, there are always some remedies that will help you get rid of it or control it.  Some remedies that are commonly suggested by doctors to treat snoring are right below.

Losing Weight:

Sometimes the excess amount of tissue in the throat can cause you snoring, and this will happen if you are overweight. You can take fewer calories to lose extra weight. You have to eat less but healthy food. Regular exercise can also be the best way to lose weight.

Losing Weight

Sleeping on side:

If you sleep on the side, it also may cause snoring due to the blockade of airflows. Sleeping on your back can ensure the airflow easily through your throat and reduce and stop snoring.

Sleeping on side

Using Nasal Strips:

There are nasal strips available in the market that can be used to stop snoring. However, nasal strips can open-up space for air to flow easily. This is maybe all you need to breathe more effectively and eliminate your snoring habit.

Using Nasal Strips

Stop Smoking:

However, addiction to smoking may cause snoring, as it relaxes the muscles. It is never easy to quit smoking, but doctors or therapists can help you with this.

Stop Smoking

Doing Yoga:

Yoga is a kind of psychological treatment, but it can help you decline to snore. Yoga might be one of the best remedies in this case. A person who does yoga regularly has full control over himself/herself. Moreover, you can stop snoring by Yoga as it opens-up spaces for better airflow.

Doing Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you’ve got your desired values on this page and going through this frequent part. Here’s some crucial information that will help you to take proper treatment.

Is snoring age-related?

Obviously, age can be a fact that works behind snoring. Because the more you are getting older, the more your throat is getting narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat decreases—the problem of snoring increases with age.

Is snoring related to obesity?

Both snoring and obesity are interrelated. Obesity can cause snoring. Weight loss is the most potent remedy to get rid of snoring. Dropping a few pounds can take you back to a snore-free sleeping experience.

What to eat to stop snoring?

You must have to eat for a living but have to look at the weight in accordance with age. You have to eat less but healthy food. You may take suggestions from nutritionists to make a diet chart and eat according to that.

How much weight do I need to lose to stop snoring?

You have to maintain your perfect BMI rate in order to gain a perfect health condition. If your BMI is higher, you have to maintain a perfect diet and exercise regularly to lose weight and gain the required BMI rate. You just have to maintain your body fitness, and this will help you to breathe flawlessly.


Even though the question is about whether snoring is genetic or not, you can’t just blame the gene for snoring; instead, many factors influence that problem. No researcher could conclude that it is a gene that influences the factor in snoring. The research is still ongoing, and I hope there will be a definitive answer to it.

So, is snoring genetic? And when it comes to controlling snore, you can’t do anything regarding genes or DNA, but you can control your lifestyle. More factors work behind it, and you have to work on these to control snore. Last but not least, it’s not an easy job but not an impossible one to complete.

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