Theravent Vs Breathe Right |  Which Is the Best?

You will find countless anti-snoring devices out there; among all of them, nasal strips have become very popular. They are non-invasive and non-medicated products that can effectively stop snoring. People got confused while choosing the best nasal strips. That’s why we come up with the comparison between the theravent vs breathe right.

There are two types of snoring the 1st one is mouth snoring, and 2nd one is nose snoring. Theravent anti-snoring strips specially designed for those people who snore through the nose. Breathe right works mechanically to open your nasal passage and let you breathe freely; thus, it prevents snoring. So, stay tuned to get detailed information about these two nasal strips.

Theravent Vs Breathe Right |  Which Is the Best?

Theravent and breath right both are top nasal strips among all. This theravent vs breathe right comparison will provide a detailed idea about these two products and how they work.

What is Theravent?

Theravent is a throw-away self-adhesive anti-snoring strip that is designed with a special valve. It uses EPAP technology to increase the airways pressure and prevent snoring. For light, it comes in a starter strength; for heavier snore, it has max strength, and for the moderate snorer, it has regular strength. Stick the adhesive strip into the nostril’s bottom side.

Theravent Vs Breathe Right

So, the air vents open up when you breathe in, and the vents partially close when you breathe out. This process makes your exhalation breathe slower, which forces air to pass through at a slower rate. It is comfortable to wear, so you will get used to it at night. Simply apply it before bed also it doesn’t require any spray, mouthpieces, and drugs.

What Is Breathe Right?

Breathe right is a non-prescription device that reduces the airflow resistance through the nasal passage. It works mechanically from the outside to improve the breathing ability through the nose and prevents snoring. You can choose the perfect type from the regular, extra-strength, extra clear, menthol, or lavender breathe right. This strip is perfect for those who have congestion, narrow nostrils, deviated septum, sinus, and allergies.

What Is Breathe Right?

Each breathe right comes with flexible spring-like bands and special adhesive sticks for gentle application. It widens the air space mechanically by pulling the nasal valve’s cartilage walls and making it easier to breathe. The application process is super easy; just wash and dry your nose after that place it. To ensure firm placement, rub the strip for ten seconds and keep it on the lower middle area.

Benefits of  Theravent

This strip is suitable for anyone who snores through their nose with sensitive or combination skin.  Here are the benefits of theravent.

Theravent Vs Breathe Right..

  • Uses Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure technology.
  • The first-ever FDA-approved EPAP device.
  • Contains patented Micro Valves to regulate nasal airflow.
  • No maintenance is required with the disposable strips.
  • It is made with medical-grade fabric, mesh-made filter-like plastic.
  • They are designed with light, moderate, and max strength.
  • Requires less than a week to get adjusted with it.
  • It is clinically trialed for zero side-effects.
  • Incredibly soft, comfortable, affordable, and microwave technology.
  • Requires no prescription, medication, and mouthpieces.
  • Contains a hypoallergenic adhesive and paper backing.

Benefits of  Breathe Right

Unlike other snoring aids, breathing right starts working simply by putting it on the nose. See this section to find out how this strip can benefit you.

Benefits of Breathe Right

  • Provides instant relief from snoring and breathing issues.
  • Mechanically works to open up the air passage.
  • Completely natural, drug-free solution, zero side-effects, and guaranteed.
  • Comes with soft and flexible spring-like bands and medical-grade adhesive.
  • Designed with 5 variations like original, clear, extra, lavender, and extra clear.
  • Suitable for the light, moderate, and heavy nasal snorers.
  • Clinically studies that 90% of users notice a reduced snoring level.
  • It is recommended by doctors and pharmacists.
  • Designed for one-time use, thus requires no maintenance.
  • FDA approves anti-snoring strips.

Cons of Theravent

Every product comes with some disadvantages. To make you understand the product comprehensively here, we are providing the cons of the theravent.

  • May cause skin irritation, headache, dizziness, and allergic reaction.
  • Not suitable for the mouth and throat snorers.
  • The adhesive may fall off during sleep.
  • After each night left an odd taste in the mouth.
  • Can’t wear it with a runny nose or cold.

Cons of  Breathe Right

Along with the huge benefits, breath right does have some disadvantages. Let’s find out the cons of this strip.

  • Only designed for the nasal snorers.
  • Not suitable for snorers with allergies to latex and sleep apnea.
  • Takes one week or more to get adjusted to it.
  • Not eco-friendly.
  • While removing the strip, it may hurt a bit.
  • It is noticeable while wearing in the day.

Our Opinion: Who Is the Winner?

Who Is the Winner

Both these products come with some unique features and benefits which make them different from each other. They are ideal for reducing nasal congestion, curing deviated septum, and, most importantly, preventing snoring.

Theravent works with EPAP technology that creates positive air pressure using the power of your own breathing. Breathe right, lift up and open up the nasal passage mechanically and prevent someone from snoring. Now that you know all the different features and benefits compare them with your requirements and select the best one.

Final Opinion

Treating snoring is a must because every person requires a good and peaceful night’s sleep. Otherwise, it can affect the whole day along with increasing health issues also. People who snore through their noses will benefit from this article. Here, we compared theravent vs breathe right in detail for your better convenience.

Both these nasal strips are suitable for nose snorers and work effectively for parenting snoring. They are affordable, easy to use, natural, soft, completely drug-free, flexible, and provide a good fit. Both these strips come with zero side-effects, so you can use them conveniently. Hopefully, this comparison will help you to choose the right one.

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