The Different 4 Types of Snoring – You Need to Know Everything 2021

Do you snore at night? If so, then it’s an indication that you’re facing trouble during your sleep and the air can’t get out easily through the throat or nose. It’s a scientific evaluation, and it can be defined in various ways. However, people having snoring problems aren’t the same in all cases. We’ll discuss all four types of snoring that we do in sleep.

It’s crucial to know about them for better treatment. You shouldn’t overlook the categories you belong to and try to know why snoring occurs and how it should be minimized. Aren’t you excited to get this desired information that you’re looking for for a long time?

Types of Snoring

People of different kinds of snore in different ways due to their health conditions. So, you should know the proper information to get an appropriate treatment to reduce snoring.

Types of Snoring

Nasal Snoring:

Did anyone tell you that you whistle or grunt like a monster while sleeping? If you’ve got this comment, it’s pretty sure you’re suffering from nasal blocking that leads you to snore. If your nasal is blocked by something, then nasal snoring occurs. Because the air gets a tiny space to pass through, and as a result, you might create rumbling sounds or whistling while you sleep.

However, the causes are distinct, where you might have a deviated septum or anything physical disorder in your nose. Moreover, if you’ve caught allergens or other nose stuffiness, it might result in snoring. Besides, if you contract mold, it will also cause you to snore at night.

One more thing, are you using feather pillows for better sleep? If so, then they might catch a cold or any medication that will also push you to snore.

Mouth Snoring:

However, mouth snorers are close cousins to nasal snorers as it is caused due to nasal blockages. When they sleep, they breathe through their mouths that help the soft tissues vibrate and create a low gasping sound. Besides, enlarged tonsils might be another cause of it.

In a sense, there’s a little chance for nasal snorers to become mouth snorers if their nasal passages are blocked as well. And they need to breathe, and the mouth is a good choice. But you know, it might cause an infection because the air isn’t filtered, passing through the mouth.

If you want to avoid this type of snoring, you should read the best stop snoring device reviews to help keep your mouth closed during sleeping.

Tongue Snoring:

This one is another type of snoring that occurs when our tongue gets relaxed. Especially when we lie down, our lungs don’t get proper airflow due to blockage of airflow. So, it’ll create difficulty to breathe, which causes snoring.

However, those who’re addicted to alcohol or sleep medication are more prone to tongue snoring. In addition, fat tissues around the neck may also cause tongue snoring. You can use anti-snore or mandibular devices to avoid tongue snoring problems.

Throat Snoring:

You’ve faced minimal snoring problems, but throat snoring is a giant in this case. The throat snorers create the loudest and most irritating sounds while sleeping. Those who sleep by their sides feel that irritation. Have you ever shared your bed with throat snorers? If so, then you might feel the experience.

If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, then soft muscles and tissues in the throat get too relaxed, which lets you stop breathing several times in sleeping. So, the air can’t get enough space to pass through, and it’ll result in snoring.

If you don’t take proper treatment, it may create high blood pressure, diabetes, or even stroke. So, you shouldn’t overlook sleep apnea and should consult with an expert to take the therapy.

What is the Best Method to Stop Snoring?

However, you’re struggling to stop snoring for a long time. Isn’t it? Everyone should try to reduce snoring as it really irritates your partner and others. We’re here to share the proven methods that will help you to stop snoring.

Start using a snore detecting app:

There’re plenty of snore dedicated apps that are designed to gather information about snoring. If you use anyone, then a specialist can easily interpret the intensity, frequency, and other factors. The more information the app will collect, the more it will be easy to get the best treatment.

Start using a snore detecting app

Surgery and medication:

However, the severity of snoring may cause surgery in some states. The procedure can be fruitful for those snorers who suffer from enlarged tonsils.

Surgery and medication

Sleep apnea treatment:

Those who suffer from sleep apnea are advised to use mouthpieces to stop snoring. Because they will prevent the jaw or tongue from blocking airways, and the air will get enough space to pass through easily, and you won’t snore.

Sleep apnea treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

However, we’re heading towards the final line to stop our journey. But before closing the chapter, we’ll also reveal some valuable information that will enrich your knowledge.

Is snoring every night normally?

Occasional snoring seems to be normal but frequent snoring should be treated properly. Otherwise, you’ll face difficulties with your partner to share the bed.

Do skinny people snore?

Yes, the skinny people may snore if their nasal gets blocked, and the air doesn’t get enough space to pass by. So, it’s not obvious that skinny people won’t snore.

What to eat to stop snoring?

Well, eating habits may reduce snoring. If you take honey, turmeric, pineapple, soy milk, and others can avoid snoring. But you should also avoid inflammatory foods that cause snoring.

Can you snore on your side?

Sleeping on your back makes people snore usually. But if you sleep on your side, the air gets enough space to pass because of fewer airways compression.


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However, the snorers might suffer from health problems and should contact an expert to get rid of this. You can try any of the above options that will work best for you. If you’ve enjoyed the discussion, then you can leave a comment for appreciation.

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