Why Do I Still Snore With My CPAP?

CPAP is the best solution to treat loud snoring, sometimes you may still feel problems with the CPAP device. Several causes are responsible for snoring although you are wearing this device on your face. Maybe its air pressure doesn’t suit to retain snore or involve mask problems that you left on applying. There are several technical functions are responsible for the malfunctioning of the device.

However, who are diagnosed with sleep apnea or want to treat this problem and pass the snore-free night, the CPAP as (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) can help you to solve the issue. Here in this post, you’ll know why do I still snore with my CPAP and how to solve the problem while fixing the device. If there are any bugs on your device, you can detect and solve them.

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To prevent snoring, CPAP devices produce continuous airflow to your airway so that the muscle vibration will stop and smooth air pass through the airway. But if you are still snoring with the CPAP device, something is missing. So let’s find the problem-

Does CPAP Stop Snoring?

Yes, when you start the device you must wear a face shield that is placed on your nose trail and mouth that ties with a strap around the head and stays like this for the whole night. The continuous air passes through the device on your airway and prevents the quivering, thus this device prevents snoring. If you are still facing problems with the CPAP device, then there may malfunction or isn’t ready properly. For recovering this problem you must find out the problem and then try to solve it. Most of the time a tiny mistake can cause you extra snoring although you wear the device. So if the question arises is the CPAP device really stops snoring? The perfect answer is if you can maintain airflow, and properly manage the device, it will work and set you free from snoring.

Why Do I Still Snore With My CPAP?

There may be several factors and mistakes that can happen if you still snore with the CPAP. First of all, you have to know the procedure of work and how to use it properly. Then check all parts of the device if all are working or not? Here are some examples of what you should look after for a perfect match and snore-free night.

Unusual Size And Unfit Mask

Usually, when you buy a CPAP machine, your doctor may suggest or you can buy it individually. Whenever buying the device, you should check the mask size whether it will fit on your face or not. Generally, the mask has an adjustable strap that is used for adjusting as far as your face shape. But if you do with a full face mask then you may face problems with the unusual size of the mask. To avoid this situation you can consult the doctor so that you can choose the best option. Otherwise check the device and change the mask in case of unfit.

Why do I still snore with my CPAP

Air Pressure

Whether using the CPAP machine you have to get a proper idea about how to use the device and how to maintain the airflow for perfect timing. You may see if you are wearing the mask though. So you have to understand what the airflow level is suitable to prevent your snoring. By the way, if you do all check-ups of this device but you still snore then there may be a problem with your CPAP machine. In That case, you should contact the CPAP producer. They will fix it.

Air Pressure

Locate Your Body

Although if your all CPAP device’s parts are good enough to work smoothly but even then there is a problem with snoring then it must be understood that it is not the device problem. At that moment you should check your sleeping position and locate your body in the right direction. By the way, sleeping can cause snoring because in that position there is a high chance of air leakage. If you manage these problems while sleeping you can have a sound sleep.

Locate Your Body

Breathing Style

In most cases, if you are new with a CPAP device there is a chance of misuse of the device for the ongoing starting day. Within these days you may still feel snoring or problems with your breathing style. After then you will understand your device and be able to fix the issues very well. Breathing style can directly impact the CPAP device. If you use both mouth and nose for breathing but you use only a nose mask that will not be as much as effective for treating snoring. So breathing style should be maintained and then choose the right CPAP device.

Breathing style

These are the common problems while using the device for treating your snoring problem. However, If you are still using the device knowing those factors, you will easily understand wherefrom the problem arises.

Common CPAP Mask Problems

Whether using a CPAP device you may face problems in different aspects. Onto them, the CPAP mask problems are quite severely worse than other problems. This is why identifying the device is best for an individual or not. Sometimes you need to wear a full mask to prevent snoring but if you wear only a nose mask then how can you assure that it will work well? So before buying a device you should intimately observe the mask whether it is suitable or not to prevent snoring. Otherwise what you have done will lose.

Even if you assume that the problem of the mask is solved but some other perpetual device’s problem will arise. So you have to tackle these concerns besides the CPAP mask problem.


If you have a CPAP machine as a solution to the shrinking problem then you have chosen the right way. By following those steps that we have talked about before you will be able to take into consideration the sound sleep at night. The coordination with your body and snoring take the proper way to solve.

However you can use it properly and there is usually no problem with this device although if it has, the company may grant you the warranty and replace it with them. So from now on, if you are still snoring after using the device, then you must follow the above steps and fix the problem. Try to solve it if you don’t consult your doctor. I hope now you get the answer about why do i still snore with my CPAP?

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