Why Do Pugs Snore?

Snoring is a common characteristic of any pugs however it originates from any disease or maybe it is genetic. If you are a pug owner, you must want to pass time and stay with your cutie for a long time. But if the snoring problem arises it could get you annoyed or sometimes may arise a real problem to maintain in daily life. Moreover, It won’t be a problem if you’re a deep sleeper or used to it.

If you are a light sleeper then this problem will affect you too much. So you first understand the way to solve the snoring problem and maintain good behavior with your pugs. In this post, you will get information on why do pugs snore and how to manage your pugs snoring during sleep or relaxing periods. You will also know how to minimize the snoring problem to ensure decent quality sleep.

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Pugs snoring is nothing but an uncommon fact. There are many characteristics involved in this section of snoring your pugs. Let’s talk about this topic-

Is It Normal For Pugs To Snore?

Yes, The pugs snoring problem has a definite fact that could develop the problem in different ways. The pug snore is developing for its external head structure and muzzle. The pug’s head is brachycephalic that means certain animals have a structure of their face that prevents them from taking a breath because of their head, muzzle, and throat. Thus this occurs problem and makes snore during sleep or relaxing. The breathing tube of these brachycephalic animals has scattered and thus it makes the sound and snore loudly. So if the question arises is it normal to snore for the pugs, yes it’s natural.

Why Do Pugs Snore?

Several factors can affect and embrace the snoring problem of your pugs. Some may be difficult to maintain and some are easy. But before taking those steps for your pugs snoring you must follow these steps or maintain the regulation. There may be problems with food, dust, allergen, genetics, age, colds, etc. You should observe what problem affects most of your pugs. Generally, because of the brachycephalic structure, the pugs snoring is normal and for all types of similar animals. You just need to take a look at your pug if the severity of snoring worsen or not. Now take a look at different aspects of why do pugs snore?

Why Do Pugs Snore?


Age Factor

If your pugs are older and unable to bark enough then it’s time to snore more than other times. Like as a human being snore after reaching old age the pugs also snore like at last age. But it is normal to snore at old age. If you take care of your puppies then the problem may be solved, otherwise, you should consult the veterans’ doctor for proper guidelines to prevent the snoring problem that partially comes from the nostril of your pugs.

Sleeping Position

If your pugs sleep on your back that could block the nasal airway and finally make the snore. However back portions are not to be the way to serve like sleeping in position. You must practice your pugs for continuous side change.

Sleeping Position

Common Colds

The common cold is another factor for sneezing from time to time. When you observe the body temperature of your puppy is increased than other days then it might be a possibility of fever or cold. In that situation, your pugs may snore louder than other times.

You must look back at your pugs if it can be cured by natural treatment or not. In most cases old age or new pugs are getting cold quickly and sneeze fast. At that time your pugs feel discomfort during sleep and can’t turn their routine sleep and produce a louder nose, sneezing, and snoring.

Allergies And Obesity

Some allergen substances can be the reason for the louder snoring of your pugs. Several allergens can affect your pugs like pollen, dust, or even food. As with human allergies on the different objects if your pugs contact these elements in nature then there is a possibility to snore louder and noisy.

Another factor for snoring your pug is obesity. Ultimately the obesity could cause your pugs to breathe passway obstructed and this could make louder snoring than other times. So you must keep on your puppy’s diet especially if your pugs are older.

Allergies And Obesity

Genetics And Medication

As your pugs have genetically brachycephalic structural head, throat, and muzzle that refers to the snoring problem more difficult than other puppies. It’s their characteristics to snore. But this is not the way if your pugs snore so fast and loudly. If it happens then you should immediately consult the veterinarians.

Medication can also impact snoring. If you use some medicine that relaxes your pugs, at that time it could get your puppy deep sleep. By the way, the relation can be a reason for snoring fast and louder.


As your pugs are branchycepalilic so it has an airway obstruction that could partially impact your pugs and snore much noisy. The obstructed airway fails to pass all air for instance and that makes the snore louder.

How To Stop Pug Snoring?

Here you will find some way to stop pug from snoring. Follow the techniques and stop the pug from snoring.

  • Raising the pug’s head to make an angel with a pillow. It would help noise-free breathing.
  • The bed margin/corner should be raised.
  • Should be given around bed. Sometimes square beds can be effective.
  • Keep away from smoke and dust. Always provide healthy air around your pugs.
  • Check if your pugs weather allergen sensitivity. If not then can use a humidifier.
  • Keep them active all time and hygienic.
  • Regular check the blockage airway. If it affects colds or fever -use medicine.
  • Check other diseases. Flu, fungal infection, skin disease, or others. Consult a veterinarian.
  • Change continuous sleep position. It will be helpful to reduce snoring.
  • Don’t use a snoring substance that humans use.
  • If nothing happens, you can go with a surgical option. Must consult a veterinarian.

Wrap Up

As we always love our cute, we must closely look after the pugs very well. However, whether your puppy is snoring or not you must check them regularly. Though snoring is a common thing for pugs, still there is a question why do pugs snore?

If you see there is an uncertain problem then you should check the above-mentioned criteria. Otherwise, your puppy may fall into serious issues. If it does for chronic disease then the possibility of recovery will be hard. SO follow these tips and live with your pugs peacefully.

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