ZenMind XP Review 2021: Relax Your Eyes With Soothing Massage

A few days back I saw that my friend was using a device for eyes. I just laughed at my friend and said why do you need any device for eyes? I just ignore his problem and the device. But Recently I started seeing things with blurred vision. I asked for help from my friend. He suggests me to use the ZenMind XP.

After using this device I find out that it uses vibration and gives an eye-soothing massage. There is no harmful effect and people can use it anywhere. To explain more about this device I write a ZenMind XP Review. Let’s give a tour o this article for more knowledge.

What is ZenMind XP Eye Massager?

ZenMind XP Eye massager is a device that provides multi-frequency vibration with heat compression. As I have to work a lot in front of the computer, my eyes get tired a lot. At first, I was completely unaware of this situation. I thought this is so normal. But then I learned from my friend that this device is so helpful. I also learned about the stress and fatigue problem of the eye.

What is ZenMind XP Eye Massager

Also, after using all the electronic devices, it is a must to stay relaxed and give my eye some time. So that there will be no blurred vision and headache due to a stressed eye. Now, that I learned about the ZenMind XP device, let me tell you what this device actually is.

I already told you this device has a heat compressor to provide hot therapy on the tired muscle of the eye. Besides, you don’t have to do anything. I just keep my ZenMind device above my eyes and then set it. So that it can perfectly be fitted on my eyes. I take 15 minutes of a nap by wearing this device.

This device has music features. So, when I want to take a nap or want to stay relaxed just play the song and enjoy the eye massage. This device is just like  goggles. I can put it in my eyes easily and enjoy my time while taking a massage.

ZenMind XP Eye Massager Features

At first, I use this device and then write the ZenMind XP Review. Here I added some unique features to this device. Let’s start exploring the features.

Accurate Massage:

ZenMind XP not only gives you relaxation but also you will get a different kind of shiatsu and kneading massage. This massage helps to comfort your eye zone. And you will get a deep massage. With this device, you will get the message on the acupoints to increase the blood flow in the area.

Accurate Massage


This feature of the ZenMind XP device helps to work on the muscle area. So, when I take a massage with this device this gives me a soothing feeling. Whenever I suffer from eye pain or feel exhausted this device helps me like magic.

Airbag Pressure:

While using this ZenMind XP device, I get the airbag on the device. This helps to give you comfort and relaxing massage and make sure your eyes are safe. The design is perfectly ok with this device. The knob system helps to fit the device with anyone’s eyes.

Heat Therapy:

Normally whenever I try to apply natural elements either it hurts or I get benefitted only sometimes. But, this ZenMind XP is a heat functional device. To relax the eye muscle with this device, deliver 42C heat. This is so eyed soothing and doesn’t hamper my eyes.

Heat Therapy

Reliable & Convenient:

I can rely on the ZenMind XP device. Why? Because there is no problem while using this device. Also, heat therapy or other messages will not be harmful to my eyes. Besides, I can carry this device with me.

How Does ZenMind XP Eye Massager Works?

ZenMind XP is a device to relax my eyes. To massage on the tired muscles I feel that this one is perfect. The heat therapy of the device removes the tiredness. Also, Bluetooth music gives you full relaxation while taking a massage.

How Does ZenMind XP Eye Massager Works

Heat air compression creates a reflux layer to reduce eye fatigue. From this device, I get kneading and shiatsu massage. Those messages directly hit on the acupoint of the eye. This process provides much better relaxation within a moment.

What Benefits Makes ZenMind XP a Best Eye Massager?

This ZenMind XP review will be incomplete if I am not explaining the benefits of this amazing device. Your knowledge will be incomplete. So here they are.

What Benefits Makes ZenMind XP a Best Eye Massager

  • I can stay relaxed or prevent eye problems that can be caused by exhausted eyes.
  • Goodbye to my wrinkles problem for forever.
  • I can get the most relaxing massage in my eyes.
  • Wrinkle reduction automatically increases my beauty on the face.
  • I can live a stress-free life by using this ZenMind XP device.

Where Can I Purchase The Zenmind Xp?

The ZenMind XP is available in the online store. But, when I purchased this device for the first time, I was deceived by the seller. They send me a fake product. This is why I am very conscious about choosing the eye massager device. Recently I found an online store where they provide the most trustable and durable eye massager.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Electric Eye Massagers

The eye is the most sensitive area and I am not taking any risk to use any device around it. So, when I first heard about the ZenMind XP, I read all the ZenMind XP Review at first. Then I went to purchase the product. Here is some information for you.


ZenMind XP is an eye massaging device you already know. As this device is the first gadget product, I applied it around my eyes so I was scared. Is it ok to use it? Also, this device uses heat compression for eye relaxation.

So, it will be best if you check the comfortability before purchasing. One thing I assure you is that the ZenMind XP is a very comfortable device. So, this may fulfill your criteria.


Choosing the right size of eye massager is necessary. If my eye massager is not adjustable, I will not get the proper benefit from it. Besides, a loose massager will fall from the eye.

So, before going to pick the eye massager it is a must to check the adjustability. If you choose the ZenMind XP., this massager has a knob system. This will let you adjust the device according to your eye size.

Recharge Ability:

To relax my eyes, I can choose natural treatment. But those are time-consuming and sometimes unable to create an effect on my eye area. So, I prefer ZenMind instead of natural therapy.

Recharge Ability

This device has great rechargeable power. So, before going to choose this product It will be great if you check the rechargeability. And how much time it can give you the service.

Extra Features:

If you choose the ZenMind XP device, it will give you the facilities to listen to music. But, on other devices, there is no surety of getting this feature. So, check before purchasing any kind of eye massager. This ZenMind XP provides lots of facilities. You can check the ZenMind feature section to compare it with other devices.

Battery Capacity:

ZenMind XP uses a lithium battery that holds almost 1800mAh power. With this power, I can easily use the device for one week. Before picking up any massager if you consider this feature it will be a great help.

Battery Capacity

Frequently Asked Question of ZenMind XP

You can learn more answers about Eye massager by reading this frequently asked section. This will clear the idea about eye massager more.

What is ZenMind XP Eye Massager?

ZenMind XP is an eye massager device that uses heat compression with multi-frequency vibration stimulation. To relieve eye fatigue this device uses hot air compression technology in a particular area.

What Are Eye Massagers?

Eye massager is basically a device that helps to give you the rest of your tired eyes.  This massager also helps to reduce eye strains, temple pressure, headache, and other eye-related issues.

For how much time do I have to keep the eye massager on?

If you keep the eye massager on up to fifteen minutes the device will give you perfect results and you will feel better. You can provide a strong massage through this device and get rid of eye issues easily.

When can I expect the delivery?

Normally the seller delivers in time. But if there is any problem or having bad weather then the delivery date may be extended or delayed for some days.

ZenMind XP Review: Our Final Verdict

I was so addicted to my mobile or other electronic gadgets. Either I was watching movies, series, or working late on my computer. I may sleep for 6 to 7 hours. But, in my daily routine, I forget to take care of my eyes. I thought sleep was enough to keep my eyes relaxed.  But when I faced blurred vision then my friend introduce me to ZenMind XP eye massager.

I can say goodbye to my wrinkles. With multiple sizes, this device has a music option. I can also get the kneading massage through this device. So, why not take advantage of this device when I get so many benefits in one? In ZenMind XP Review I write about my experience after using the product. So you can read this article to learn how this device works.

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